Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

Yesterday Josh and Jessica celebrated their 1 week of marriage anniversary.  They are happily settling into Josh's apartment in Germany and Jessica is getting stuff put in order and making it a nice and cozy home for the two of them.

Today Grammie spent the morning with her cute little Bradley and his sweet mommy Heather.

Oh Grammie, I feel so much better after my bath.

Uh Grammie, I think I need a diaper change.

Ahhhh....thank you...I feel so much better now! comes that cat again!

Yay, Grammie saved me from the cat!  Does the cat look fat to you?  What?  She is going to have babies?  I don't have to share my crib do I?

Tomorrow Bradley is 3 weeks old! :)

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