Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rain, Rest, Reading and Rufus

   It's a rainy day here and one that is perfect for snuggling up under a blanket while the fire in the pellet stove warms our home.  I do love a rainy day to help me relax. 

   I added some Fall decorations to our old cabinet and it looks so pretty.  I especially enjoy it at night when all the other lights are off and all you see is the soft glow it gives off from the little twinkle lights.

   A cup of flavored coffee in a favorite mug sent to me by my dear childhood friend Lena sits on a coaster on the side table just waiting for me to take another sip of it's creamy good richness.  I'm sure there will be at least one refill on this today.

   Breakfast and a good book are the perfect way to start my day.  If you have not had a chance to read "The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen" yet, you really should.  They live up north not to far from me and put on an amazing Junk and Antique show every year.  They are also contributors to Country Living magazine.  And yes, that is my computer under it all just waiting for me to get on it and type out this post. ;)

   Of course there is my Rufus, my rambunctious cuddle bug.  He decided earlier this morning that kneading my sore midsection would "help" Mommy  heal.  Not so much Rufus, but I do appreciate the thought. He then took up one of his normal perches peering out the window and making sure that no intruders dared to come into his yard.  The coast must be clear because he is now happily curled up in his favorite chair dreaming happy kitty dreams.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Frugal Doings Mid and Late October 2015

   Since we now have some major medical bills to pay off once more, I am in super frugal mode once again.  We did raise the limit on our credit card to pay for all of this and in the long run, that is going to save us money too since getting a personal loan was going to be about the same interest rate and other ways of financing it were going to cost us way more in interest.  So here is what we are doing to save, save, save!

~paying for the hospital bill in one lump sum and being given a a 10% discount for doing that
~our credit card gives us reward points for using the credit card and the debit card, I will be using the points to cash in for gift cards for Christmas gifts this year
~I'm spending some of this "down time" making Christmas gifts for family and sent one of those gifts home with my parents who were just here helping us
~I'm trying to constantly run my points programs in the background while I am am on the computer
~I recently signed up for Pinch Me and got some great samples in the mail along with a coupon for a full sized Tidy Cats Clumpable Cat Litter
~cashing in a Swagbucks to get Walmart gift cards that I then use to help pay for things there.  I just cashed in and used $65 worth the other day
~weaning myself down off my pains meds after my surgery, they are not cheap and I don't want to become dependent on them
~my hubby bought a large used chest freezer from a friend for $75 since we were running out of room in our big upright freezer to store all the venison and garden produce
~my parents were here helping us and my mom cooked up a storm leaving us with lots and lots of leftovers
~my DIL Heather had made us a lovely dinner and sent it home with us right before my surgery
~my son Jaysn and DIL Rachel brought us out pizza, pop and candy after my surgery and then Rachel stayed with me that night when Jeff had to go to work so we watched a dvd that we already own
~borrowing more books and dvds through the library
~doing my Disney Movie Rewards points thing
~getting some free groceries as part of our volunteer work (Jeff is doing this by himself today since I cannot do any real lifting)
~my parents bought us some foam padding for our couch and we used some discount coupons to help pay for it
~getting rather creative with items in the pantry and trying to use them up before they go bad
~looking up some old stock certificates to see if they are worth anything
~since I am grounded from driving while on my prescription pain meds, that saves money on gas for my car since I am not running around as much
~combining errands and things so there are less trips to take into town anyway
~taking advantage of freebies and samples
~using heated up rice bags instead of an electric heating pad...I think they actually work better
~watching shows and videos online
~learning new skills via Youtube
~using an insulated coffee mug at home to keep my coffee hot longer
~my parents gifted us a beautiful night time print by Herb Ka'ne, one of my favorite Hawaiian artists, I went to high school with his daughter Jennifer
~took 2 leftover Italian Sausages, some kale from the garden, 3 potatoes, and onion and made those into Zuppa Toscana 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Surgery is Done and Recovery Begins


  I finally had my surgery on Tuesday and all went well.  Jeff and my hanai sister Shannon were there with me and kept me calm while we waited and kept me amused while we once again waited in recovery. ;)  The entire staff at Pullman Regional Hospital were so kind, fun, helpful and caring.  I really do believe I got some of the best care around.  

  My goal coming out of the surgery was to be able to come home later that day.  My doctor and I had discussed it before hand and he told me if all went well and I was feeling ok, that I could.  My surgery took longer than originally planned when they found some endometriosis and took care of that too.  I woke up in the recovery area a bit nauseous, but some medication took care of that rather quickly.  I was able to hold some food down and came home that evening and sleep in my own bed.

   Jeff was home the first 2 days and nights with me and then my DIL Rachel came to stay on Thursday and into Friday (we had a fun girl's night).  Jaysn also surprised me with a visit on Thursday. My parents came out came out to visit on Wednesday and Thursday for a bit and them came to stay with us on Friday and will be here through Monday (unless something changes and I need them to stay longer).  My cousin is coming out for dinner tonight and Chris will be here for breakfast Sunday morning and then we will be joining Jaysn and Rachel for a birthday lunch for Jaysn.  We decided to have me wait to see my grandkids for a little while since they will not understand how much it hurts Grammie to be hugged or touched near my tummy right now.  I miss them and my DIL Heather terribly.

   I have been napping about twice a day while everyone else takes care of me and things around the house.  I'm finally able to start easing back on my pain meds a bit and am healing nicely according to the doctor I saw on Friday for some bleeding issues.  I do get tired and sore quickly, but that is to be expected.  I am just so thankful for all the help that I have been getting from everyone. :)

   One of the things that I have noticed is that my allergies have not been as bad since I had this done.  I am really hoping this continues so I don't have to go through all the allergy testing next once I am healed up from this.  I'm also feeling better in general than I have in a very long time, so that in itself is a huge answer to prayer.

   I know that healing is a process and that I need to listen to my body.  That has been the hardest thing for me.  I WANT to do things for myself, but I also know that I need to let others take care of me at the moment.  My family and friends have gone above and beyond to make sure that I do rest and don't overdo it.  Speaking of which, I am getting tired again and need to go and lie down for a bit.  Sitting up for too long or being on my feet for too long wears me out and causes strain on my tummy muscles.  Since we will have company later, I need to rest up now.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Favorite Time of the Year

I Finally Have Surgery Date

   Praise God!  My health insurance company finally approved my surgery.  It is scheduled for the 20th of this month.  I am so relieved that we finally have a date and no longer have to play the waiting game and jump through any more hoops.

Homemade tortellini and veggie soup with veggies from the garden.  I froze 2 bags of this.

   Jeff was able to get 3 days off from work and my daughter-in-law Rachel is going to try and take off 2 days to help me.  Then my parents will be here for a few days and I am so looking forward to their visit. :)  My daughter-in-law Heather is going to make her delicious meatloaf for us for dinner one night and my cousin Jeremy is providing us with another meal of his now famous tortellini and smoked sausage salad.  I have many meals already cooked ahead and in the freezer and will be working on more of them today.

Homemade mac and cheese cooling down before being wrapped, labeled and put in the freezer.

I've been trying to get the house organized and doing my Fall
cleaning.  My sweet hubby has been busy winterizing our home and trying to fix a few things around here before the weather gets bad.  I just feel this urgent push to get things done so that I will not stress about it while I recover from surgery. Since I know that I will be going nuts, I loaded up a basket with some of my favorite movies to watch on the TV in our bedroom.  I am also setting up a table next to the bed to put books, my glasses, remote controls and drinks on so that I do not have to keep twisting around to retrieve them off the headboard.  Now if I could only convince the cat that he does not need to be up on top of the headboard, all would be good. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

It's So Hard Not Knowing

   I have been sitting and waiting all day for a phone call with the results of my biopsy, finding out if my health insurance has approved my surgery and when that surgery will be.  I called this morning and was told someone would be calling me this afternoon to firm things up.  Well it is now 6:13 p.m. and there has been no call.
   It's the not knowing that is so hard.  Even if there is no news, I would really appreciate a call letting me know that at least.  I've already had one teary meltdown and came close to having another panic attack.  My husband needs to know so he can get time off for my surgery and for a few days afterwards to take care of me.  My DIL Rachel would like to be able to help me too but also needs to know when I will need her so she can also try to apply to get the time off from work.
   I would also like to be able to return to substitute teaching, but that has been put on hold too.  I can't commit to anything since I don't know when I will have surgery and how long it will take to recover.  I miss the kids and the wonderful staff that I have worked with over the years.  I want to get back to doing what I love.
   I'm also fearful of this continuing to be pushed out further and further.  I just want this over and done with so I no longer have to live with the worry of why my body is "malfunctioning".  I would like to be able to enjoy the upcoming visit with my parents, my oldest son's birthday and the soon to be upon us holiday season.  At this rate, some of those things are not going to happen. 
    It's just hard to wait, not knowing and not being able to make plans.  I feel like I am letting other people down.  I want my hubby to not have to continue to worry about me, I want our lives to go back to normal where we can make plans to do things and not be in limbo.  I just want this to be done.