Friday, March 16, 2012

They had Me at Hello!

Years ago, I fell in love with a wallet.  It was a beautiful leather wallet that I saw in a boutique in Bigfork, Montana but the price tag was way out of my reach (we are talking in the low $130 range)I looked really closely at the wallet and made a mental note of the brand Brighton and hoped that one day I would be able to get one at a great price.  

I had also dreamed one day of being able to have a big hand woven basket with leather handles to take to the Farmer's Market during the Summer and load it up with great fresh produce.  Upon pricing those, again, sad to say, out of my price range.

Today, on a whim, I stopped in at the Goodwill.  I thought I would look for a special swaddling blanket that Chris and Heather had asked me to keep an eye out for.  I looked through the baby stuff but could not find one.  I thought I'd skim through the sweaters and see if I could find a certain gray sweater that I was looking for and there, on the top of the rack, was a pile of wallets.  Most of them were cheaply made and there was even a fake Prada there but buried under them was a jewel!  Could it be?  A Brighton leather wallet that was just the size that I was looking for to replace my wallet?

My heart skipped a beat as I examined her and determined that she was the real deal!  She is amazingly well made with quality leather that holds up over time.  Dare I look at the price?  $2.99 !!!  SOLD!!!!  Oh happy day! :)

As I was tightly clutching my treasured find I thought I would check out another area of the store and ran across some huge bins they had just brought out with merchandise to shelve.  Peaking out of one of the big bins were some leather handles.  That got my curiosity just stirring like mad and I had to investigate.  Oh my...before anyone else could get near that item, I snatched it up!  A big hand woven market type basket with leather handles, exactly what I had been wanting for at least 10 years now.  She is a beauty with lots and lots of room to load with great fruit, veggies and flowers  from the Farmer's Market or take to the beach and put all my "stuff" in. :)  This beauty cost me a whopping $3.99!  Woohoo!!!

Patience and prayer paid off in big way for me.  I am so thankful I waited and did not pay full price for either of these items.  Yep, they had me at Hello!


  1. Aren't those little nuggest of gold from God precious. I love when He showers us with such great deals from thrift stores. They have got to be His invention, don't you think. Hugs

  2. Thanks Ladies....I am very happy and I know they are blessing from God indeed. :)


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