Thursday, March 7, 2019

Simple Pleasures Despite the Pain

   Last night I was in pain and felt hot, which is normal for me in the early morning hours when I cannot sleep.  I decided to step outside and entered a cold and beautiful world.  There was a combination of snow and freezing rain in the air.  It sparkled under the streetlights as it fell and also shimmered across the white blanket of snow in our front yard.  I sat there on my front walkway bench and soaked it all in.  It was magical to be wrapped up in all of it.  I would have missed out on this moment if I did not live with Fibromyalgia because I would have been asleep when all this "magicalness" took place.  Yes, there are moments of great simple pleasures in life despite the pain.  One only has to look for and appreciate them. 😊