Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Say a Prayer this Christmas for the Hurting

Christmas is supposed to be this wonderful time of the year with families gathering, children laughing and hearts being filled with love.  For some this is what these next few days will be filled with, but for others say a prayer...

For the men and women in the military and their families who cannot be together because there is literally an ocean between them.

For the homeless that will spend another cold night outside or in a shelter that will not have the joy of opening even a single gift on Christmas morning.

For those who have lost loved ones this year and will have an empty space at the table and an ache in their hearts.

For those families that are facing major hardships in their lives and are in crisis mode.

For those that have division within their families and feel the pain of not being able to be together.

For the ill who are in the hospital, in Hospice care or at home and may be fighting a battle that no one wants to ever face.

For the abandoned, both human and animals, who have heavy hearts and only want to be loved and cherished.

For the emergency workers: police, fire, EMTs, nurses and doctors who will most likely have to deal with some really heartbreaking situations and hold it together while trying to save someone, deliver bad news, or deal with a dangerous situation.

So please...whether you can identify with any of the scenarios above, say a prayer for those that are hurting.   I personally believe in the power of prayer and I know how much it can mean to those that are hurting or are in need of protection or change in their lives.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Reading, Baking and Candy Making

I just finished reading Forever Christmas: Tasha Tudor.  Oh how I loved this book!  Tasha Tudor is one of my favorite authors/illustrators and I have always been intrigued with her life.  She is one of the most creative, down to earth and lovely women ever.  I would love to be able to spend a day with her and learn all that I could.

This is round two of my Christmas baking.  Both baking sessions produced both banana and cranberry orange bread.  I have already given lots away as gifts.  Some of these are gifts for family and friends and the others will part of our Christmas morning brunch spread.

This was also round two of my candy making sessions.  Last week I made both white chocolate and milk chocolate peppermint bark.  Today I made chocolate peanut clusters and white chocolate and craisin candy.  Most of these are being given away as gifts also.

Just because we all need some Christmas cuteness!  Our youngest grandson Isaiah is learning to feed himself and had quite the time trying to keep his macaroni and cheese on his spoon and into his mouth.  Grammie and G-pa stepped in and shared bites of theirs so he would get filled up. ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

     Yesterday I was at Goodwill and saw this beautiful framed picture.  The detailed artwork and saying are all hand cut paper.  I have seen similar things before and always marveled at how much time and talent it would take to produce such a treasure.  I have to admit that I was immediately drawn to it not just because of it's beauty, but also because the quote spoke to my heart.   It perfectly expresses how my husband Jeff and I feel about our family, hanai (adopted by love) members included.   I felt like God had put it there on the shelf, just waiting for me to find it, to comfort me and reassure me that Jeff and I are doing something right after yet another stressful and hurtful situation happened that shook us to the core. 

   Jeff and I are very close to our children and grandchildren.  We have been through so much as a family and it has only strengthened us.  Our children have shown such great inner strength and support for us and for each other when others have tried to tear our family apart.  So have my parents, siblings (and yes, I consider my sweet SIL my sibling), our wonderful niece and nephew (in-law) and Heather's side of the family.  We are blessed beyond measure by when it comes to unconditional love within this group.  So thank you God for your reassurance and thank you to our beautiful family who are some of the most caring and loving people people around.  I truly would be lost without you all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Moose (or Two) on the Loose

This moose and her yearling have been hanging around our neighborhood.  The backyard closest to us is our yard and right across the fence is Momma Moose.  Her baby was happily munching away on our neighbor's rosebushes.  Baby later came into our yard and then ran back to momma.  They then proceeded to eat our arctic willow bush and some of our raspberry bushes.  They needed trimmed anyway. ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More Mooses, Moosies, Moose?

We have had a visit from another moose family.  Sadly, the baby moose from the previous family died and the mother, who was totally distraught, charged someone and had to be put down.  I am praying that these beautiful creatures do not meet the same fate.  In the past, we have had a moose or two wander into town, but I have never seen this many come into town ever.  By the way, tall fences make for good neighbors. ;)