Friday, March 23, 2012

Bradley and G-pa!

 When Bradley first met G-pa, G-pa had a cold and was wearing a mask when he held him. "Hey everybody, G-pa has a nose!" "Mommy, what is that thing under his nose that keeps tickling me when he gives me a kiss?".
 G-pa is thrilled to have some time with his grandson since everyone else was "hogging" him, especially Tutu who could not get enough of her great grandson. ;)
 G-pa is toast...this kid could have asked for anything at that moment and G-pa would have made sure he got it. :D  Good thing he can't talk yet or we would all be in trouble. ;)
I'm convinced that G-pa is telling Bradley all about the cool things they are going to build together including a tree house!  I'm sure G-pa is already on the look out for little child sized tools for him.

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  1. I love the adoring look on Jeff's face!. Yepper Bradley, you got those grandparents wrapped already. Good job!! LOL


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