Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Handy Hubby

This man, this gentle, kind and loving man is also a very handy guy when it comes to building things and doing it on a shoestring budget.

Our dog Sasha was in need of a dog house in her kennel to keep her out of the weather when we were gone.  Hubby started with some cast off wood pallets, scrap lumber that he got for free and an old area rug and built this.

He then added a roof  built with more scrap wood and added a doorway for the dog to me able to get in and out of the weather.  He made sure to position the door to protect her from the wind, rain and snow.

Here is the grateful dog, Sasha, sitting with her Daddy waiting for the winter storms to hit and watching the squirrels in the yard make their last mad dash to get more food before the storm came and covered everything with a thick blanket of snow.

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