Monday, January 9, 2012

A Family Of Women

Myself, my mother Lynn (Tutu), Heather's mother Tammy, Heather (with baby Bradley safe in her womb), my sweet sister-in-love Gayle, my dear mother-in-love Arlyne (Nana) and in the front, my "special girl" and niece Ella
The quilt that Tutu made for her first great grandson Bradley

I cherish this picture above from Heather's baby includes some of the women that I love most in my life.  Each of them is unique with their own strengths (and weaknesses) and each of them is are so special to me.

I am blessed to have a mother, Lynn, who is still so active, energetic, speaks her mind, loves her family fiercely and is so talented with her wonderful quilt and wall hanging creations.  She has made a special quilt for everyone in our family and when a grandchild is married, she makes the new couple a quilt also.  She has made quilts for each of her grandchildren and has now made one for Bradley, her first great grandchild.  She also taught my sons how to kayak, melt plastic spoons in the fire, make the best s'mores and I have no doubt she will be doing the same for her great grandson.

Arlyne (Nana) aka the best mother-in-law in the world, is one of the most loving Christian women I have ever been blessed to know.  Right from the start, she welcomed me into the family with open arms and lots of love.  She has helped me to grow in my Christian walk and as a mother myself.  She also has set a great example for me of what a mother-in-law should be like.  Nana loves her children and grandchildren with a passion and her eyes light up when she is with family and is quick to share a hug, laughter and lots of love.

Tammy is Heather's mom and has become a good friend to me and is a fantastic mother-in-love to my son Chris.  She is an amazing woman who teaches Zoomba classes, hunts, fishes, and also homeschooled her own children.  Tammy and I share a lot in common and really enjoy spending time together.  From day one she has welcomed and loved my son Chris and made him part of their family.  They share a special bond like my mother and my husband also do and that is a huge blessing.  I am so excited to share this journey of "Grandparenthood" with her and have come to love her dearly! :)

Heather, my sweet daughter-in-love, wonderful wife to my son Chris and mommy to Bradley.  Heather came into our lives and just made our family so much more complete. She brings lots of love, laughter and Lemon Merangue Pies! ;)  Heather is a fantastic cook and my son is really enjoying that as are we.  She has become our daughter in every sense of the word and is the best sister to our sons Jaysn and Josh.  We love her so much and she makes our son Chris very happy.  We can't wait to see her and Chris be the great parents that we know they are going to be.

Gayle, my sweet sister-in-love, is spunky and a survivor.  She has gone through so much in her life and I am so proud of the woman that she is and that I can call her my sister.  Througout the years, Gayle and I have grown closer and with the birth of her daughter, our bond became even stronger. She is an amazing aunt to my sons and shares a special relationship with each of them.  She is also an amazing mom and my dear niece is blessed to have her. I love Gayle and she really has become my sister.

Ella is my special girl.  Ella is a miracle, a blessing and will always hold a very special place in my heart (and her Uncle Jeff's also).  She is my much loved and prayed for niece.  Ella brought sunshine into our lives and continues to do so.  My boys adore their cousin and were so happy when they found out that Gayle and her husband Matt, aka the best brother-in-law in the world, were having a girl.  Even though my boys are so much older than Ella, they still have a close relationship with her and I pity any boy that may try to break her heart because her older cousins are very protective of her. ;)

All of these women enrich my life in so many ways.  Do we always agree on everything? No. But what we do have is a deep love and respect for one another.  I know that I could count on any of these women to help me through any crisis.  We are a family of strong willed, loving women who are there for one another and will make sure that none of us ever has to face things alone. I am so blessed to be a part of this special group of amazing women.

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