Monday, January 30, 2012

Books made into Movies

Have you ever read a good book and then watched a movie that was based on that book and then been disappointed?  I sure have.  I recently read the book "The Help" and absolutely loved it!  It was such a rich book due to the details and I could literally picture the entire story, town, houses, people, etc. in my mind.  Now, to be fair, I knew when I requested the dvd through the library that my visualization of the people and places were not going to perfectly match what the movie contained.  I knew that they were going to have to cut some of the scenes out due to time constraints.  However, I was not prepared for them changing some of the richness of the story and the important details in the storyline to "Hollywoodize" it.  My husband and I were watching it and even he questioned why certain things were happening and I had to explain the back story because they did not include it in the movie.  My personal opinion is that if they had included more of those rich details and the back story, it would have been an even better movie.  I also wish they would not have changed the story line with the reason that Skeeter's family maid was fired.  I thought that was such an important part of the book and something that most of us had never even thought about before.  I really wish they had stayed true to the book on that.  And, yes, I realize that I am being vague with the details because I don't want to spoil the book or the movie for anyone who has not either read or watched it yet.  The whole point of this rambling post though is that this kind of thing seems to happen quite a bit when a beautiful story is made into a movie (Memoirs of a Geisha comes to mind also) and I'm starting to wonder if I should just skip the movies so that I will not be disappointed.


  1. I've not liked many movies from books either - The Mist, Girl of the Limberlost, and many others. . . books are generally much better.

  2. I haven't read the book, but watched the movie, and I loved it. I'm not sure I'll read the book, but I know I'll enjoy watching the movie over and over!!

    1. Please take the time to read the book! It is so much more detail than the movie. It was one of those books that I had such a hard time putting is just that good! :)


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