Thursday, January 5, 2012

Caught in the Middle

My life is filled with wonderful friends and family, some with very strong personalities.  I work hard trying to keep things peaceful between these strong personalities.  I love them all and most of the time, things go smoothly.  However, when they don't....well then I just want to head for the hills and hide out until it all blows over.  It is usually a minor misunderstanding that causes feeling to be hurt and then I get stuck in the middle.  How???  They call me or email me instead of talking directly to each other.  I understand that they are frustrated and maybe hurt also but can we please have some ground rules here? 

1.  Try to work it out between yourselves before calling me. 
2.  If you are going to call me, please don't be on the attack.  I love both parties and you are putting me in a horrible position.
3.  Don't expect me to "pick sides", you may not think you are asking me to do so but that it exactly how it feels.
4.  Please realize when you are complaining about that person to me that you are causing stress between you and I and may also cause stress between the person you are complaining about and myself. 
5.  Please also realize that there may be times when there is absolutely nothing that I can do about the situation.
6.  Please see #1 again and try that first.
7.  Please think about what you hope to accomplish...are you trying to resolve the issue or just vent?
8.  Realize I love you, I truly do and I don't want this situation to cause stress between us either.
9.  Honestly, I don't need the stress in my life of my friends and/or family fighting.  I just don't want or need it.
10.Please book and pay for a hotel room for me far away with no phones or way to contact me if you are going to stress me out.  I am going to need it to recover.

Thank you...

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