Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another Busy Day at Home


   Yesterday I spent the day with my DIL Heather and my grandsons.  They had to go down to the valley to exchange some pants at Costco that did not fit my son and asked me if I would like to go with them.  We did our shopping there, at a Safeway that is closing and at Shopko.  There was one other stop we wanted to make but decided to skip it because the natives, aka the little guys, were getting restless. ;)  It was a full day, especially since the 2 year old decided to do the whole "terrible twos" thing and had to be firmly reminded several times that Mommy and Grammie were not going to put up with his shenanigans.  It's a good thing he is cute. ;)  Luckily, the 4 year old decided that he would be on his best behavior. :)  All that being said, I had a lot to catch up on here at home today.

   A few of the things that I did  the night before in order to get my day off to a easier start was to have a load of laundry ready to hang out on the line in the morning.  I started a load of bedding before I went to sleep.  I knew that I wanted to hang that load up on the laundry line to dry during the day.  I also made a list of  things I wanted to get done and put that on my whiteboard.  This way I would not toss and turn at night wondering if I would remember what it was that I needed to do today.  The last thing I did was plan out something easy for dinner knowing that I would be tired after a long day of projects and also knowing that my energy levels would be pretty low at the end of the day.

   This morning I realized that my energy level was really low so after I got my coffee brewing I got the load of laundry hung out on the line that I washed last night and threw a second load in the washer and got that going.  I watered the houseplants and the plants on the porch and then looked over my list and prioritized it.  Some things are not as crucial to get done today and could be moved to tomorrow's list if needed.  I then had my coffee, checked my email and the weather forecast and worked a bit on one of my points programs.

   The second load of laundry finished washing and got hung out to dry and a third load was started.  I also got some sourdough bread going in the breadmaker.  The bread was a "must do" because my hubby needed it for his work lunches later tonight.   Two more loads of laundry were washed and hung out to dry throughout the day.

   I took a shower and headed down town to get the mail and pick up some things at the library.  Upon my return home, I took care of the hot tub and then took some pictures of the flowers that are blooming in our yard.  Next came the gardening.  More things were planted and seeded in and then that garden was given a good watering.  Confession time...I did take many breaks while I was gardening because my back again was killing me.

   At around 2 p.m. I realized that I needed to eat something.  My husband also woke up about this time.  He and I both had salads for lunch and watched some TV online.   He decided to do some work in the yard and I headed out to get the laundry off the line that was dry and get that folded.  At about this point I knew I was pretty much done for the day.

   I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for getting so much done despite having such low energy.  I do find that having a list on my whiteboard that I can cross things off of as I go is very motivating to me.  Without it, I can't remember things and become frustrated and/or I feel like I have not gotten anything done at all.  This was I have proof for myself that I actually did accomplish things during the day and that sure helps me feel like I am indeed contributing to our household. :)

   Be blessed all!


  1. Love the whiteboard idea. I send myself emails all during the day so I can review my list the next morning. I think you did a lot in spite of your being tired. I might say you did a little too much. Wore me out reading it. LOL.

    1. Thanks Barbara and that is a great idea on emailing yourself. And yes, I did too much and took today off. ;)

  2. Wowsers! I can't believe you got all that done with low energy! I'd say it was a successful day, and you earned yourself some rest! I'm sorry to see your back giving you so much trouble, I can definitely relate.

    Get plenty of rest, and I hope your back gives you a little relief! Have a great day Debbie! :-)

    1. HI Jessica. :) My back is feeling better today. I do tend to push myself too much and my hubby has told me I really do need to take it easier on myself. ;)

      I hope you have a great weekend!


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