Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2016 $150 Grocery Budget Challenge Begins

   So my March 2016 grocery budget challenge begins.  I have already done a major shopping trip and stock up and used up $80 of my $150 budget.  OUCH!   That leaves me with just $70 in cash for the rest of the month.  I will be cashing in for some Walmart gift cards via Swagbucks throughout the month to supplement this though, so it is not as "grim" as it sounds. ;)

   I was really on the lookout for ways to stretch my money and one of the things that really surprised me was how much cheaper it was to by the 64 oz size of coffee creamer at Walmart (their house brand) than anything else.  It worked out to 6.4 cents per ounce for this size as compared to 13.4 cents per ounce with the other brand I usually buy.  I am hoping that this will last me for the entire month.  If not, I do have 2 more of the Peppermint creamers in the freezer, but I was looking for a change. ;)

   I also lucked out on finding a large package of pork chops and steaks,  I cooked some of them up for dinner last night and froze the rest.  I will get 4 meals out of this package that I was able to find for under $8.  That in my mind is a bargain!  I served it with a hashbrown casserole that was normally sold for $8.99 but that I got for $1...yes, 1 whole dollar!  Don't you love when you run across deals like that?  I picked up 2 of the casseroles at that price and the other one is safely tucked away in the freezer to use in a future meal.

   My freezers and pantry are still very full so that will help out tremendously and I have green onions growing in the garden so I will not have to buy any more of those unless we have a killing frost.  I am praying we do not have one of those!  We really do need to eat more of the food up that is in our freezers to make room for the upcoming garden produce season.  Anyone else challenging themselves with a lower than normal grocery budget this month?

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