Friday, March 4, 2016

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 3/5/16

   This week has not been as frugal as some others, but I still think I did ok.  With the weather getting better I will finally be able to hang things out to dry on the laundry line and save more money there.  My hubby is borrowing a friend's truck today so that he can haul home a ton of wood pellets for our pellet stove that heats our home.  We are hoping that this will be the last ton we have to buy this heating season and that it will also give us a start on the next heating season.  We have used less pellets this year than last, mainly due to the warmer temperatures and also due to me being a hot flashing fool who needs the temperature in the house much lower than I used to. ;)  And now...onto other savings this week:

~My hubby was in need of a haircut so I did that on Monday.
~We borrowed more books and  a movie from the library.
~Sunday is the new rotation of a new colored tag that is half off at the Goodwill.  We were able to find some clothing items there that were needed for half off.  I also found some hard cover decorating books for $1.99 each.
~Rufus got a new cat bed for $5.99 from the Goodwill.

~My hubby is a huge Luke Bryan fan and was wanting one of his CDs to listen to as he makes his long driving route each night for work.  I found one at the Salvation Army thrift store for .50 and hubby was thrilled!
~I love children's books and found some great ones, including 3 that were signed by the authors, for .50 each from the Salvation Army.
~We had our kids and grandkids here on Sunday and served 2 of the pizzas that I had gotten previously at half price from the Walmart deli and had frozen.  Some of our adult kids used our hot tub and the grandboys, their Daddy and Uncle Jaysn played football in the front yard. :)

~The mail brought more freebies:  Lego Magazine (I get this for my oldest grandson Bradley), Country Living Magazine
~I continue to work on my points programs so that I can cash them in for gift cards.
~I needed a new pair of jeans and found a pair of Not Your Daughter's Jeans brand at Goodwill for $7.99.  They are a little long so I will just hem them up...easy peasy!  This brand of jeans retails for $120 and up!

~I spent a total of $4.75 at a thrift store on Tuesday and got a cookbook called "Fancy Pantry", a beautiful leather purse (.50), 2 pairs of swim trunks for my grandson, a gorgeous kimono style sheer jacket for me, some cute flannel material and a set of 4 cheese and dip spreaders.
~I once again scored at the grocery store and Walmart with marked down and sales items. I was able to get a package of pork chops and steaks that will give us 4 meals for $7.89.  Other deals were hash brown casseroles for $1 each, ciabatta rolls, shrimp, hot dogs, band aids, yoga pants, chicken, burgers, and more.
~Finished reading a book I bought at the thrift store for .50.
~Did more baking this week...sourdough bread and a double batch of banana bread.

~I mended some clothing.
~My husband and my 31st wedding anniversary is on the 9th of this month.  We decided to replace our broken BBQ grill instead of taking a weekend trip.  I found a really nice one on sale at and went through my swagbucks link which will get me 2 points per dollar spent.  I also was able to use my ShopYourWay points and discounts to get a total of $25 off my purchase and I also earned more ShopYourWay future discounts.
~I cashed in for a $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card through Swagbucks.  We will use this plus the balance we have on another gift card to pay for a Anniversary dinner out.

~Netflix provided lots of entertainment this week as we watched some movies and shows on it.  Our son Jaysn gifted us a subscription to it.
~We have been borrowing Yoga dvds from the library and trying them out to find one that we really like.
~We are eating lots of leftovers this week since I cook in large quantities.
~I found some fun dvds in the Pink Panther series with Peter Sellers for $1 each at a used book store.
~My hubby combined running errands and his bowling league night in his little car so that was less gas used.

  I'm looking forward to reading about how others have saved this their families money this week.  It really does inspire me!  Be blessed!



  1. You got some great deals this week and found lots of ways to save. Good job. Happy Anniversary early.

  2. What a great list - do you jot things down as you do them each week or do you actually remember all this stuff? Rufus looks mighty happy in his new bed...and I seriously need to check out some thrift stores the next time I'm off the mountain! Great job, Debbie!!

    1. My memory is not that good so I just jot them down at the end of each day here in a draft post. At the end of the week I go over it and add the pictures to it before I actually publish the post. :) I love a good thrift store...I find so many treasures there! Happy hunting!

    2. Oh, before I forget, did you see that I posted a biscuit recipe for you. It is in the blog post right before this one. :)

  3. Rufus does look quite pleased with his cat bed :-) Too cute! I'm a big fan of the library too, I save quite a bit of money by just borrowing books instead of buying all the ones I want to read.

    Hope you are having a great weekend Debbie! And congrats on your wedding anniversary!

    1. Thank you Jessica! I have a huge love for libraries. I used to be the branch manager of our local library. I hope you are having a great weekend also. :)


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