Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday Bradley!

Happy Birthday to our oldest grandson Bradley who is 4 years old today!  The announcement of Chris and Heather expecting this little guy was my birthday gift 5 years ago and then his magnificent arrival was our anniversary gift!  He was born the day before my hubby and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary.  Best anniversary gift ever!!!!

Bradley made us first time grandparents upon his arrival and it was instant love.  This strong willed, smart, sassy, curious and loving little boy keeps us all on our toes and can at one point drive us batty with his stubbornness and in the next moment totally melt our hearts with his kindness and love.

Bradley loves his little brother Isaiah and in typical brother fashion will be fighting with him one moment and then helping him the next.  Lord help anyone who messes with his little brother though because they will have to answer to Bradley who is fiercely protective of him.  

Bradley and Isaiah love to go on hikes with their parents, play at the playground, and go fishing with Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa.  They also love to help G-pa in the yard and go hot tubbing with with Grammie and G-pa. They both enjoy cooking with Mommy and are becoming quite the little chefs.  Bradley is currently doing preschool with his mommy and is learning to write his name and read.  He is one smart cookie!

There is something so special and amazing about seeing your own son become a daddy to 2 precious boys.  It floods you with pride and causes you to giggle a bit when he calls to tell you of their latest antics, and with Bradley, there are many. ;)  You reassure him that Bradley, although challenging to raise at times, will be fine because he has people that love him, reign him in when needed and provide loving limits and yet give him the freedom to explore and provide him with opportunities to learn at his level and pace and also allow him to be who his is.

So here is to Bradley and to his amazing parents, Heather and Chris, who had no idea all those years ago while they were anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first child and counting down the days until she gave birth to him how much he would change their lives and not only would they fall deeply in love with this little guy, but fall more deeply in love with each other.

Happy Birthday Bradley!  You may be too big for me to hold you like this when you sleep now but I cherish each and every moment with you and enjoy watching you grow.  Grammie and G-pa love you buddy, you stole our hearts from the minute of your arrival and you will always be our favorite Bradley in the whole world!


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