Friday, April 4, 2014

Trying to Catch Up

   I've been very neglectful of this blog.  Things happened in life that took priority though and to be completely honest, I was overwhelmed and did not want to blog when I was in that state of mind.

  I feel bad because I missed posting about Bradley's 2nd birthday.  He was so excited to have a party and to get a new bike helmet from his Auntie Jen Jen (who is also his Godmother). :)  

   Isaiah got his first 2 teeth and has more coming in.  Poor baby has been miserable at times and is chewing on everything!

    Chris graduated from the Idaho State Police Academy after 10 long and hard weeks.  He tried to come home on the weekends to see his family and only missed a few of those.  Heather, bless her heart, held down the fort at home with the 2 little ones. We are so proud of Chris and were there to see him graduate with his class down in Meridian, Idaho.

   Jaysn and Rachel have been house hunting.  Jeff and I went with them to see a few places and they have been sharing links online with us also.  We are hoping that with Spring finally being here and more homes being put on the market, that they will find their first home to buy soon.

   Josh is starting to run half marathons and is training to run in longer ones.  I am happy that he has found such a great and healthy new hobby.   He is also getting to visit with his grandparents (my mom and dad) who are in Washington DC on a visit and will also get to see my brother and his family, who are also on a family vacation back there right now.  I am so happy that he is having some family time.

   There have also been some really tough things happen that have taken a toll on us.  Our health insurance company pulled a bait and switch on us and we ended up having to pay about $2000 more out of pocket than we originally thought we were going to have to for my biopsy. All that money will not count towards my in-network deductible.  They dropped the hospital where I had it done as a in network provider without notifying me, even after I checked with them over the phone about it, just to make sure.

  One of our friends sadly took his own life and left behind his wife and son.  Jeff and I just cannot wrap our heads around it.  He was such a nice guy who would do anything to help a friend.  To think that he got to such a dark and hopeless place in his mind to make the choice to end his life is heartbreaking, both for him and for his family. 

  Another friend lost her father and I covered her classes at school while she took time to be with her family.  One of our hanai "Grandmas" also died.  The funerals for these two wonderful people were a day apart.  That same week, another friend died about 2 hours after we had seen him.  He went suddenly doing what he loved...helping people in our community and that has brought comfort to his wife.  That same night, yet another friend had a stroke.  

   It has been rough dealing with all of the losses of friends we love.  There have been other challenges also that have taken their toll and that is why I have been MIA in posting.  I am praying that we have a long stretch here of nothing but good things for awhile, for us and for our friends and family.  For now, I am going to continue to hold my family and friends close and make sure that I let them all know how much I love them.

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