Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CPAP and Savings

   Jeff is finally going in to get fitted for his CPAP machine later today and I could not be happier.  I am really hoping that it helps him to sleep better and that will help him restore his energy level.  This CPAP machine is not cheap by any means and the insurance will not cover it since we have yet to meet Jeff's deductible.  After paying off my medical bills, which were in the thousands (and I still have not reached my deductible yet either), we had to buckle down big time in order to be able to afford the CPAP machine.

Here are just a few things we have done in recent weeks to save up by cutting costs in other areas:

~watching TV shows online that we do not get with our DISH network plan
~doing my points programs like SWAGBUCKS and cashing out for and Walmart gift cards
~using the gift cards gotten above to buy things that we need or want
~using lots of coupons, combined with sales to get the best deal possible
~trying to plan our menus around what we have in the fridge, pantry and freezer
~making cookies from a mix that I got on sale and was able to also use coupons on...cheaper than homemade from scratch in this case

~used coupons from Bath and Body Works to get free products and put those away in my gift closet
~found some great deals at the thrift stores on things that we needed and wanted...many new with tags even
~saved the peels and ends of the carrots that I made for Easter and am giving those to the dog this week as treats...he loves them and they are good for him
~making bread
~stocked up at Costco on things that were the lowest price around and that we needed
~bought the combo dvd/bluray/digital of Frozen and gave the dvd to Bradley and Isaiah for Easter and kept the bluray copy here (Bradley was thrilled!)
~bought some old kids VHS tapes for the grandsons for .50 each that they can watch here also (Elmo, Bob the Builder, Sesame Street, etc.)
~planted the ends of green onions and celery after using the tops and they are growing great and producing more food for us
~getting some rebates on things that we have purchased
~bought a phone card (tracfone) when it was on sale 
~making lots of iced tea concentrate with some of the many varieties on tea I have on hand
~used a gift card to fill my car up with gas
~hung some laundry out on the line
~Jeff is doing more remodeling in our bathroom and has done it at minimal cost (he is almost finished)
~borrowing books and movies from the libray
~limiting our trips into the towns where we shop and trying to combine errands whenever possible
~cut some flowers from our yard to use inside the house

   There are many more things that we are doing but those are all I can think of for the moment. :)



  1. Way to go - amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it!

    1. Thanks Denise. :) You have always inspired me to try and find more ways to save. :)


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