Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just a few Inherited Treasures

   Family is very important to me.  I am the keeper of the family genealogy and I  treasure things that link our family all together.  I have been blessed to inherit some wonderful items and in some cases, I am adding to the collections and hope to continue passing them down to future generations.  Here are just a few that I hold dear.

  The following children's prayers needlework were all done by my Tutu (great grandmother) and hung on the wall in my childhood home.  I loved them and as a child long ago asked my mother if I could have them one day.  I will never forget the day a package arrived with these in it...I cried because it ment so much to me to have them.  They now hang in my dining room where I can see and enjoy them every day.  Please excuse the glare on the glass fronts.

   My Tutu also had a spoon collection that she started as a child.  Some of the spoons have her initials and dates engraved on the backs of them dating back to the late 1800's and early 1900's.  I have added spoons to this collection over the years also.  The old spoon rack with the copper bottom was also her's.  My grandson Bradley is fascinated with the spoons and looks at them every time he comes over.  I think he will most likely be the next in line to inherit them. ;)

   The painting below is one that my Grandma Jean had in her home.  I remember it hanging up on the wall and loving it.  She was drawn to all things Oriental because of their beauty and simplicity.  One of her most treasured trips in her lifetime was going to Japan and exploring the gorgeous and peaceful gardens there.  When I look up at this picture, I am reminded of her and my Grandpa Mark.  I miss them both so very much.  Again, please excuse the glare on the glass.

   All of these treasures hold special meaning to me and bring me great joy and comfort.  They bring back memories of time spent with my Tutu and my Grandma Jean and Grandpa Mark.
I think I appreciate them all the more now that I too am a grandmother and my own mother has now taken the title of Tutu to my children and grandchildren.  I imagine that my Tutu and Grandma would be very happy to know that their legacy ( grandchildren, great grandchildren and even great great grandchildren ) are still enjoying these wonderful treasures.


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