Friday, April 25, 2014

One Lane Footbridge vs Multilaned Freeway

   My husband and a friend were discussing the difference in the way that men and women think.  His friend came up with the analogy that men are like one lane footbridges whereas women are like multilaned freeways.  Men generally think about one thing at a time while women have multiple things running through their minds at any given moment.  A perfect example of this is how my morning started.
   After helping my husband adjust his new cpap machine mask so that he could get some good sleep I got out of bed, quickly dressed so that I would not wake him and then grabbed a cup of coffee and headed outside with the dog.  I went to check on the garden and was distracted by a hummingbird and a finch in our cherry tree.  Oh look, the apple tree needs to be pruned and is that a dead branch in the cherry tree?  I had better check on the pear tree and see how it is...what, you need your ball  Caesar?  Ok, I'll throw it one time and then I need to check the pear tree.  That reminds me, how is the kale and the thyme doing?  Looks good, the rhubarb needs a good top feeding and the strawberry bed needs to be weeded.  Better check the raspberry and blackberries while I am out here, darn, forgot to check the dog's water bucket.  Full, oh, I need to put him on his cable while I go inside.
   I sit down for a brief moment and look at the ads while I plan out what I need from the garden center and realize I have a allergy induced headache.  Better go and get some Sudafed.  On my way into the kitchen I see puffs of dog hair from the ever shedding dog and clean that up,  put away some groceries that were in bags on the dining room table and spy some fingerling potatoes.  That reminds me, I have a corned beef brisket in the freezer...I may have to make that this weekend. Go back into the kitchen and am distracted by a bag of mini bagels that my husband forgot to close up so I take care of that and remember I have a loaf of French bread dough in the freezer.  Hmmmm...that and some homemade soup would be great for dinner tonight.  Get that out and put it on a baking sheet, cover it with a clean towel and bring it out to the pellet stove so it can thaw and rise.  Sit down and take another sip of coffee and realize I still have that darned headache.  Oh....that's right, I was going to take some Sudafed.  My husband, being a man, would have taken the dog out and then grabbed the Sudafed.  See what I mean, one lane footbridge for him and multilaned freeway for me.
   I have a theory as to why we are designed this way.  Way back in the caveman days, men had to be able to concentrate on hunting to provide meat for their families.  Meanwhile, back at the cave, the women were busy keeping the fire going, tanning hides for clothing, making the occasional trip down to get water from the stream, picking berries, digging roots, preserving meat, and making sure the Junior did not wander off and get eaten by a Saber Toothed tiger, thus assuring that the next generation would live to reproduce again.  If we all were not designed this way, the human race would have started and stopped with Adam and Eve. ;)


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