Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Storms

Summer storms can come on suddenly and what was a gorgeous blue sky just half an hour ago turns to a menacing monster.

I used  to joke with my husband that I am like a human barometer because I can feel the air pressure change and the electric charge in the air right before the sky is ripped by lightening.

The scariest times though are when the sky turns a strange color and you look up to see a sight like this.  Yes, there is indeed cloud rotation going on there and you just pray that it does not form a funnel cloud.  We have had those come through here in the past and cause all kind of damage and I never want to go through that again.  

Earlier this evening we had a horrible storm come through that lasted for a couple of hours.  There were ground to cloud lightening strikes, high winds, heavy downpours and deafening thunder.  I watched as my garden was blasted by rain and wind and am praying the plants will recover.  I also prayed as I saw branches coming down out of trees in some of my neighbors yards.  We are expecting more storms to continue to roll through the area tonight and throughout the next few days and I hope that the farmers fields will not be flattened by the winds and rain.  Praying God's protection over us all.

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