Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family and Garden Randomness

My baby (Chris) taking his baby and my grandson Bradley for his first swim.  Bradley liked it!  Bradley is such a chunk...I love all his little fat rolls.  His daddy was the same way at that age. :)

My baby brother Eric with his youngest son Eli Kekoa...I love this picture of them!  Kekoa is a ball of energy and fun. :)

My oldest son Jaysn with his buddy and cousin Cade.  Cade is my baby brother Eric's oldest son.  Cade is an amazing young man who builds these incredible models...his latest was a huge one of the Eiffle  Tower.

Bradley modeling his "Thing 1" outfit that his Auntie Mollie got him.  So cute!

These thunderheads are what we have been seeing almost every afternoon and they lead to a light show at night.  I have not had to water the garden for about a week now.  The plants are loving it but then so are the weeds.  Oh the many weeds!

A very happy Daisy cat!  She loves being held like this by my wonderful hubby Jeff and she will groom her feet in this position.  Funny little thing!

Summer time is salad time!  I have been enjoying harvesting lettuce from the garden and adding homemade croutons, assorted cheeses, berries from the garden and dried cranberries to make wonderful salads.  I just came back in from the garden with another huge bowl full of assorted lettuces and washed it so it will be ready to use tonight and tomorrow night.

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