Friday, July 6, 2012

Once a Mom, Always a Mom

My sons and daughters, Chris and Heather, Jess and Josh and Jaysn (kneeling).

    These young adults are my kiddos.  The boys are mine through birth and the girls are my much prayed for and loved daughter-in-loves (laws).  Anyone who knows me also knows that I am fiercely protective of my kids.  I have done my best to raise good and kind hearted people and when my boys chose their wives, they also chose women with those qualities.  I am blessed!
   One of the things that I find hardest about being a mom is seeing our kids hurting.  I would lay down my life for any of my kids.  I know that they are all going to make mistakes in life (we all do) and that they will learn from those mistakes, but it is hard as a parent to see them have to go through it.  My kids are all in a very good spot right now and I am so proud of the choices they are making. :)  The most difficult thing for me though is seeing people hurt my kids through unkind deeds or words that are totally unwarranted and undeserved (if my kids have done something to bring it on then they have to suffer the consequences but it's the totally undeserved and unfair stuff that makes my blood boil).  My first reaction is to go into Momma Bear mode and want to protect my kids and take out the threat. ;)  I think all good moms and dads feel this way.  God made us this way for a protect the next generation!   While I realize that my kids are all adults now, that instinct to protect them never leaves me.   So be warned...if you mess with my kids, you also have Momma Bear to deal with! ;)  Once a mom, always a mom!


  1. good to see the fruition of many sacrifices made during the long years of raising family: Good sons that love you and are creating their own legacies of love. Congratulations to your family <3

    1. Thanks Roni! Did you see the post before this has your lovely daughter in it! :)


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