Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ohana Means Family

Auntie Mollie, Bradley and Auntie Erica

My husband and I are blessed to have many "hanai" or adopted by love kids in our lives.  We adore these kids, many of which have been a part of our lives since they were just little things, and have watched them grow up into fine young men and women.  Our three sons consider them as their sisters and brothers. That also means that Bradley has many uncles and aunties to love him!

Uncle Lee and Bradley having a staring contest.

Our Ohana (family) has grown over the years through marriages, births and through love.  Our hanai children are so special to us and we could not love them any more than if they had been born into our family.  I have just shared pictures of 3 of our "kids" here with Bradley and hope to share many more in the near future of Bradley with some of his other wonderful aunties and uncles.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of young adults as part of our family and I know that Bradley will always have many people who look out for and love him.

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