Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Harvest Time!

   With Josh and Jessica's wedding in Boise, travel, Jess and I getting sick and then having a reception for them up here, my poor garden got a bit neglected.  Yesterday I looked out to see the spinach and bok choi going to bolt and knew I needed to get them harvested before it was too late.  This morning, after a night full of thunder, lightening, wind, rain and dime sized hail, I salvaged what I could.  I was able to get a colander full of spinach, a huge bowl full of bok choi and some strawberries.

    After washing all the produce I set it aside to dry off a bit and fixed myself a nice lunch of bagels spread with whipped cream cheese topped with smoked salmon and had some sweet and juicy strawberries from the garden to go with it.  YUM!

   Tonight I will use some of the spinach along with some lettuce from the garden to make a big salad topped with homemade garlic croutons as part of our dinner.  I love being able to grow such wonderful fruits and veggies in the garden and use them in our meals.  It saves us so much money, provides wonderful variety to our menu and is much healthier for us.

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