Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Very Long but Frugal Day

My day started out early, like a few minutes after midnight early.  I had just gotten some chicken drumsticks put in the crockpot to cook over night to make food and broth for the dog when I stumbled upon a great deal at Safeway on their Lucerne products.  They would deduct $2 for every $10 you spent on Lucerne products (except for milk). I called to make sure I would not have to split my order into 2 separate transactions in order to take advantage of the deal.  I also had coupons loaded on my Safeway card for .99 Lucerne cream cheese (limit of 4) and had three  $1 off 2lbs of any brand cheese( bricks or shredded) which could make this a fantastic deal since the 2 lb bags and blocks of Lucerne cheese were on sale for $4.99 each.  I headed off to bed after I organized my coupons into the various piles for each store that I was going to shop at.  I looked up at the clock and it was 1 a.m..  At 2 a.m. I was rudely awakened by Sasha dog who needed to go outside since she had eaten some grass and it messed with her system.  Back to bed I went and finally fell asleep again after laying there for what seemed like forever.  5 a.m. on the dot, Molly cat decides that she needs to throw up.  Oh joy...what a lovely sound to wake up to.... :p  After that she would not let me go back to sleep so I just went ahead and got up and got all the fur babies fed and the coffee started.

I deboned the chicken legs that had been cooking all night and separated the meat into 3 bags and put that into the freezer for future meals for the dog and put the chicken broth that was left in the crockpot into a container and stuck that out on the back porch to cool off before I put it in the fridge.  I then got a loaf of bread going in the breadmaker and loaded the dishwasher.  Jeff got home from work and we Skyped with Josh for a bit and then I got myself ready to head out to do the shopping while Jeff went to bed for the day (he works all night). 

I headed out to the stores and did the following deals and even got a wonderful surprise when I ran into Chris at Walgreen's (he tracked me down). :)

Safeway: 3 bags of salad mix, 3 -2 lb  bags of shredded cheese, 4 blocks of cream cheese, 2 6 packs of yogurt, 1 Starbucks Refresher, 2 -2liter bottles of Pepsi Next, 2 jars of grape jelly, 2 bags of pistachios.  Total before savings and coupons: I paid $24.87 out of pocket and saved $45.64 after store savings and coupons...that's a 67% savings!

Walgreens: Charmin Basic and another Starbucks Refresher .  There should also be a ZONE nutritional bar in the picture but I had not eaten breakfast or lunch so I ate it while I was running around to all the other stores.  I paid $2.34 out of pocket and saved $5.78 after sales and coupons.

Winco:  2 large cans of canned pumpkin and a bag of sugar from the bulk section.  No sales and coupons used here.  Paid $4.92 out of pocket.

Walmart:  2 large family sized bottles of Suave hair conditioner, 1 Best Life butter spray (going to try this on pop corn), 1 Secret deodorant, 1 cat food, 2 Reach dental flosses, 4 Butterfinger candy bars, and 1 container of strawberries. Paid $6.70 out of pocket after price matching and coupons.  Coupon savings alone $6.08

Rite Aid:  They were clearancing out all their Easter candy at 75% off so I scored 5 of these for .74 each for a total of $3.92!  That is a savings of $11.25!!!

Dollar Tree:  3 boxes of Peanut Butter cookies and 4 packages of 30 count foam plates (will use these for Josh and Jessica's reception BBQ).  The cookies were only .25 each!  Paid $5.04 out of pocket.

I came home to smell something "funky" and found that one of the cats had hacked up a hairball (and guess what I stepped on first thing...yuck!) and Sasha dog had gotten into the big cat food bucket and eaten her fill and was now "off gassing"How my hubby slept through all of that I will never know.

I got busy getting the refrigerator cleaned out, put the groceries away and then started a load of laundry and loaded the dishwasher (yes again) and got that running.  Now I am relaxing for a bit, returning emails and going to head to bed early.  Since the dog got into the cat food (and it does not agree with her system at all, thus me cooking chicken and rice for her), I have a feeling I will be up multiple times tonight and I have to teach music all day tomorrow.  I need all the sleep I can get to be ready for those wonderful kiddos! :)


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    1. And it's not over yet...laundry to fold and put away and more dishes to do. ;)


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