Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chunky Monkey SKYPEing with Uncle Josh and Auntie Jess

Chunky Monkey (aka Bradley) was very intent watching and listening to his Uncle Josh and Auntie Jess in Germany via Skype. I love the look on Heather's face as she watches Bradley and how much Chris is enjoying himself also.

Uncle Jaysn joined in too!  It was so good to see all my kids being able to enjoy visiting with each other.  I love modern technology!

Doesn't get any cuter than this! :)

I'm sure he is thinking that Uncle Josh looks just like Daddy (it's a twin thing!).

Chunky Monkey has grown so much since his Uncle and Auntie were here for their wedding.

No, he is not shooting lasers out of his eyes, Grammie just forgot to fix this picture after blinding him with the flash on the camera.  I do love this picture of Chris and his son sweet!


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