Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Most Requested Pasta Salad

Our family loves a good pasta salad!  This one is so easy and very frugal because you can use all sorts of veggies in it to stretch it and make it more healthy. ;)  I am one of those cooks that doesn't really measure when making something like this.  I just chop and add what looks good. :)

Here is my "method" of making this salad:

Boil 1 package of whole wheat pasta (I like spirals, bowties and penne because they hold up well).  During the last 3 minutes of cooking time, throw in a head of broccoli that has been cut up into smaller bite sized pieces (you do not have to add the broccoli if you do not like it).  While this is all cooking away chop up peeled carrots, celery, peppers (the more colorful the better), Roma or cherry tomatoes and whatever else sounds good (avoid onions though).  We also like to add cubes of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar or even feta) and some pepperoni (I cut the slices in half).  If you have it on hand, add some fresh oregano leaves, cut up in small ribbons...this just boosts the flavor factor through the roof!  When the pasta is cooked, drain it and run it under some cold water to cool the pasta down...make sure it is well drained and then add it to the bowl that you have thrown everything else into.  Add about 6 grinds (or more to taste) of freshly cracked black pepper and a little salt.  Mix.  Then add about half a bottle of Italian salad dressing and mix again.  You can add more salad dressing if needed.  Eat this right away or it can sit in the fridge until needed.  If you do add the fresh oregano, eat it right away or wait to add it just before eating.  If the salad sits in the fridge it may need a bit more dressing before you serve it because the noodles do soak up some of the dressing. :)



  1. My goodness, that's one yummy lookin' salad Debbie!!

    I make a salad that's somewhat similar to yours, but I use another type of pasta, add some mayo and a bit of grated parmesan cheese, plus I add some imitation crab meat.

    I love these kinds of pasta salads!! Thank you Debbie for sharing your recipe. It sounds as good as it looks!!

    1. I am going to have to try your salad also! Sounds so good!


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