Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Letter to my Sons...

 Dear Boys,
    I hope you know how much Dad and I love all of you.  We are so proud of the men you have become!  You are each so different in so many ways and yet you are the same in the ways that matter most.
   All three of you have a servant's heart.  You all have been raised to show love, volunteer and give back to those around you and it does our hearts good to see you continue to do this as adults. 
  You all have a heart for God and you know where your source of strength comes from.  Never ever forget that.
   Children love you!  Children have an uncanny way of knowing who "good people" are and they are drawn to them.  I have always enjoyed watching you interact with kids and having fun with them.  Now that one of you is an awesome daddy, and all three of you are fantastic uncles, I can see it all the more!
   Two of you are now married and are very caring and loving husbands to your wives.  I know that when God brings the right one for you my oldest son, that you too will be a wonderful husband to your wife. We absolutely love our daughters-in- law/love and they have truly become our daughters.  You chose well!  We also love and adore our first grandson that we have been blessed with and are looking forward to welcoming many more grandchildren in the future.  This being a grandparent thing is awesome! :)  No pressure boys...and yes, I mean that! ;)
   You all know right from wrong and stand up for what is right and good...even when it is difficult or uncomfortable to do so.     
   You share a deep bond, respect and love for one another.  I know that you will always be there for each other through thick and thin.  That brings great comfort to Dad and I.
   Each of you is following the path in your life that you are drawn to and working hard at it.  That does our heart good as parents knowing that you can all accomplish anything you put your minds to.
   You are the most amazing sons any parent could ever be blessed with.  Dad and I feel so fortunate that even as you have become adults, that we all have remained very close.  When Dad and I first met we talked about the kind of family that we both wanted and I have to say, the reality of what we have with you boys far exceeded our hopes and dreams (and believe me, we had big hopes and dreams).  Thank you for being the wonderful, caring and loving sons that you are and for the joy that you have all brought to Dad and I!  No parents could ever be prouder or love their sons more than we do.

Much love,




  1. Thank you very much Mom! I feel that I am the one that is so blessed to have such great parents! You both have shown us a great example of a great marriage and taught us how to be gentlemen. I thank God that he chose to give us to you! I also thank Him for my brothers and sisters and nephew! I am blessed to have all of them in my life and be close to them as well! Love you all so much!

    You're Son,

    1. Jaysn, this just brought tears of joy to my eyes to read your response...I love you more than you can ever imagine my much prayed for and loved son.



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