Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to Amuse Bradley with Modern Technology ;)

Look Grammie at that cute baby in the computer!
Yesterday Jeff and I had the great pleasure of getting to take care of our grandson while his mommy and daddy went out to dinner.  Bradley was a bit fussy after his bottle (poor little guy had gas) and I burped and rocked him for a bit and then decided to try an old trick that I used to use with my sons when they were fussy to distract them.  I used to take them into the bathroom and let them look at themselves in the mirror...babies seem to love to do that. ;)  This time though Grammie used the webcam on the computer!  Bradley was very taken by the cute baby looking back at him and watched that baby for about 10 minutes.  Being that he is only 5 weeks old, 10 minutes of full concentration on one thing is a pretty amazing feat in itself. ;)  I loved watching the expressions on his face when he got excited about what "the baby in the computer" was doing. :)  Grammie even took the screenshot above of Bradley enjoying himself.  Oh how I love being Bradley's Grammie!

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