Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Busy at Home

Yesterday Jeff and I were busy visiting with our grandson in the morning and then running errands after that.  When we finally got home, my hubby had to get some much needed sleep before heading to work at night.  I wanted him to sleep well, so I tried to be as quiet as possible and did not get anything done around the house.

Today was my "catch up" day.  Hubby is sleeping soundly since he was exhausted from work last night.  If you have been reading my blog or know me well, you know that we are trying to become debt free and are making some huge sacrifices to do so.  Therefore, we are doing everything we can to save money so we can pay off the debt quickly.  Here is just a glimpse of  my "frugal doings" today to help accomplish our goal and to make our lives more pleasant and even healthier in the process. ;)
~used up 2 over ripe bananas to make 2 small loaves of banana bread
~making a loaf of sourdough bread
~cooked up 2 bundles of asparagus in the oven with a bit of olive oil, sea salt and freshly cracked pepper
~cooked up a large pot of half brown and half white rice (we use this in our homemade dog food for our old dog who has some major digestive issues)
~did 2 loads of laundry using free laundry detergent samples
~ordered one of the supplements we need for our dog through amazon.com using $20 in free credit I got via Swagbucks
~got in on a free Target Beauty Bag giveaway via facebook
~hard boiled 1 dozen eggs (eggs are a great buy right now with Easter coming up) for hubby to take to work with him to snack on
~working on some surveys that pay me in points that I can cash in for gift cards
~making a menu based on what we have on hand and/or have an abundance of that needs to be used up first
~SKYPE with my kids in Germany for about an hour
~ordered 25 free photo prints from Walgreens (a today only deal)
~watching some videos online and reading books from the library on some gardening methods that I have not tried before that are supposed to increase the yield of your crops
~printing off some high value coupons that combined with sales will bring down the cost of the HBA and grocery items that we need and use

I know that alone none of this seems like it will save much money but it all adds up.  I figure that these "little things" add up to a savings of at least $100 when you figure in the cost a phone call to Germany would be along with everything else.  This would be a day's earnings for me before taxes and everything else was taken out. I am thankful that I am able to do these things to make life much nicer for my family and that my hubby is able to do other things like remodeling our home and building furniture for us along with home and basic car repairs.  He and I make a great team!

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