Monday, December 5, 2011

We Love Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

My husband and I are trying to become debt free.  We have been working with a consumer credit agency to have our interest rates lowered so that we can get our bills paid off sooner.  Having always been a frugal family, we taught our kids to seek out the best deals.  They have been reading the price per unit labels in the grocery stores since they were tiny things.  Garage sales and thrift store expeditions were fun treasure hunts to see what goodies we could uncover and we found many!

Over the many years that we home schooled our children, we found wonderful books and even brand new science kits that helped to stretch our homeschooling budget.  Furniture (some antiques worth quite a bit), tools, clothing, games, household goods, appliances, bikes, toys, etc. all found a new home with us. It is no surprise then that our sons are so good at finding bargains now and that they have no problem with "previously loved" items.  We are also blessed that our daughter-in-law/love also was raised by very wise and frugal parents.

In getting ready for Bradley's arrival, both sides of the family have been on the hunt for items that this precious little one will need.  His maternal grandmother found him a beautiful crib and changing table. My brother and his wife gave the kids lots of things that their boys have now outgrown.  My husband and I found a Pack and Play recently that will be here for Bradley when he comes to visit us and we also have a high chair for him.  Heather and I had lots of fun this Summer shopping for baby clothing and toys at yard sales (even before we knew she was pregnant) and have been searching the thrift stores now that the weather is colder for more needed items.  Just yesterday I found Ralph Lauren Polo and Baby Gap overalls along with some cute little pants and some soft baby blankets for him. None of these items costs over $1.39.  All will be laundered so that they are fresh and ready for when he needs them.  Babies grow so quickly and I can't see paying $35 for some overalls when I can get them for $1.39.  Grammie can think of so many more fun ways to use the money saved!


  1. I do the same thing - for all the gifting occasions (birthdays, Christmas, etc), then I put the money I save into savings accounts for each of the girls. I plan to give them the savings books as graduation presents- they can use the money for college, cars, etc.

  2. That is a wonderful idea Denise...what a thoughtful gift you will be giving to your grandkids!


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