Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It All Adds Up!

  Please let me introduce you to Preston. :)  Preston was given to me by sweet sister-in-law Gayle for Christmas years ago.  I have a thing for pigs! ;)  Preston is about the size of a pot bellied pig (which is the pet that I begged my husband for years to get me but alas our town codes do not allow hoofed animals in the town limits. If we lived one more block up above us I would have one.)!  My niece and other children have tried to ride Preston in the past because he is just the right size for them to sit on when they are young!  Preston also has a secret...he loves to eat change!

   Preston is a piggy bank!  Whenever we have spare change or find spare change, Preston gets fed. ;)  About twice a year, Preston gets really heavy with all that change and we have to shake the change out of him.  Our kids used to say he was pooping money. ;)  Shaking Preston is a Herculean task that involves a big towel to catch all the change on and great upper body and arm strength.  Preston is rather large, round and heavy even without change in him.  He is after all a ceramic pig.  It can be rather awkward to do and you definitely feel like you have gotten a work out by the time you are done.  My wonderful hubby decided to take that task on and got to work.  He shook and shook Preston and started sorting out the change...he then rolled all the change and came out with $26.50 (and as you can see by the picture mid counting, there were lots of pennies).  I am always amazed at how much change we have managed to accumulate in Preston over the course of time.  There have been many times in the past when we have "shook the pig" in order to get enough money out of there to pay for one thing or another.  I think it would be safe to say that over the years Preston has held about $500 or more worth of change all together.  Small change really does add up to big dollars!

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