Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Precious Gifts From God

As a child, I overheard a conversation between my mother and my doctor.  He said I would most likely never be able to have children due to damage to my heart from Rheumatic Fever.  I remember crying out to God at that very young age asking him to heal me because all I wanted to be when I grew up was a mommy.  God heard and answered my prayer and my heart was healed.  Even my cardiologist said it was a "God thing". :)
God answered my prayers again when I asked him to bring me a wonderful husband and He brought me Jeff.  Jeff and I knew we wanted a family and prayed about having one.

About 2 years into our marriage God brought us our oldest, much prayed for son Jaysn.  Jaysn struggled right after he was born and had to be put on oxygen.  At first they did not know what was wrong and we were scared and prayed over that little boy.  I asked God to save my son (my friend's newborn son had just died and I was a wreck) and told Him that I would raise Jaysn up to love Him.  God comforted me and told me He had a special plan for my son.  Jaysn was healed and has gone on to be very involved in student ministries and international student outreach, has a very tender heart for God and always has. Jaysn is our "technology" son who I can go to with questions relating to computers and he can always get me out of a bind when it comes to anything technical.  He works for a international engineering company and has been there for 5 years now.

When Jaysn was about 13 months old, I realized I was pregnant again.  I thought I was happy with only one child, but God, in His infinite wisdom, had other plans. ;)  I was just adjusting to the idea of having another child when I found out we were expecting not one but two babies...twins!  Chris and Josh made their way into the world and into our lives, forever changing "my" plans but for the better. ;)  What a wonderful double blessing!  It's funny how sometimes you do not realize how much you want and need something until God blesses you with it or in this case, them.  Chris, the older by 9 whole minutes twin, has always been the kid who we knew would land firmly on his feet no matter what situation he found himself in.  He became an EMT and an internationally certified firefighter by the age of 18.  He is currently a volunteer firefighter, works for police department and is becoming a reserve officer.  Chris is married to his beautiful Heather and they are Bradley's mommy and daddy. Josh, the younger by 9 whole minutes twin, is our self proclaimed "strong willed" son who's motto in life is "I do what I want".  He has always been our child who has to try everything out for himself. ;)  We've known right from the start, that whatever he set his mind to, he would excel in.  He went to college for a few year but struggled trying to work two jobs, go to school and have any sort of a social life.  He made the decision to go into the Air Force and it has been wonderful for him and he has excelled there.  Josh became a Military Police Officer and is currently a driver for the general.  This has given him the opportunity to travel and see so much of the world that he would not have been able to otherwise.  He is currently stationed in Germany and all I can say is thank heaven for SKYPE so I can see him roll his eyes at me. ;)  It's kind of our thing. :)

Each of my boys are a precious gift from God.  Each is unique and so different from each other personality wise.  They all share an amazing closeness with each other despite their differences and they all would be there in a heartbeat for one another or for their daddy and I.  I thank God for not only bringing them into our lives but for also answering our prayers about their wives.  So far, God has outdone himself by giving us Heather as a wonderful wife to our Chris, sister to Jaysn and Josh, daughter to Jeff and I, and mommy to Bradley.  I know that God also has the perfect wife out their for each of our other 2 sons and He will bring them into their lives in His perfect timing.  God hears and answers our prayers!


  1. What a lovely, touching tribute to your sons. I enjoyed reading this. God is so good and He has blessed you with such a wonderful family. I know you're going to enjoy being a grandma and Bradley is blessed to have you. :) I can't wait to see pics of him.

  2. Thanks! This blog and facebook will have lots of pictures of him when he makes his way into the world...I promise!


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