Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's A Wonderful Life!

Don't you just love that movie?  Jimmy Stewart sacrifices and gives to others his whole life and when he finds himself in a financial bind he becomes bitter and it takes a visit from an angel to help him realize the truth of his situation.  People with very little give what they can to help the man out that has helped them throughout  their lives when they hear that he is in trouble.  It is then that he realizes the truth.  It's not in the stuff, a new home, money in the bank or anything like that that your true wealth comes from. Those things can go away so quickly as many people have found out in the last few years with our economy and stock market taking a huge hit.  True wealth is having Faith, Family and Friends.  It is measured by the impact you have on others lives and the love that you show to them. 

We have tried to teach our boys this throughout their lives.  Money has never been very abundant around here but we find ways to stretch what we have and to serve others.  We have volunteered for years as a family with an organization that distributes food to people who need it.  Now that our boys are all adults, they continue to volunteer with other organizations while their father and I continue to do our part with the food deliveries here in our little community.  Our home has always been, and will always be a place of refuge for those that are hurting or just need a place to belong and be loved.  We have many "hanai" (Hawaiian for adopted by love) kids and family that find their way to us whenever they are home visiting.  Recently we have begun hosting foreign students who are here going to college and giving them a "taste" of American home life and having them join us for holidays.  It has become a tradition to gather here for a big game night with lots of food, laughter and love.  In the past, our living room was almost always filled with lots of kids playing games, watching movies and eating several days or nights each week and almost daily during the summer and holidays.  One of my fondest memories is of my son Jaysn and our hanai son Mark (who towers over me) standing on either side of me while I made a large pot of spaghetti.  Mark and Jaysn each had a fork in their hand and Mark was resting his elbow on my head while they waited for the food to be ready to eat.  That memory of the two of them always cracks me up! :)  My husband and I are called "Mom" and "Dad" by many young people who we consider our "kids".  Our motto is once you enter through our door, you become family.  We make a commitment to love you, pray for you and hold you in our hearts and that you will always have "family" here for you.  Yes, it's a wonderful life and we are truly rich in all the ways that really matter!

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