Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

   I fully admit it.  I get a bit miffed this time of year where the commercials are blaring from the TV and radio and there are large print ads stating that women only want expensive jewelry, purses, shoes, trips, etc. for Christmas.  According to these ad campaigns, it is a cardinal sin for a man to dare get his wife, girlfriend, fiance, etc. anything practical.  It might instigate rioting or make it a long cold winter for that man if he dared to slip something nicely wrapped like that under the tree.  As my oldest 24 year old son pointed out...the ads keep saying "Where have all the gentlemen gone?". Well let's just break this down.  Let's define what a gentleman is.

   My definition of a gentleman is a man with manners, who treats people with respect, is honest and hard working.  A gentleman is aware of the feelings of those around him and sincerely wants people to be happy and to meet the needs to that person, especially if it is one of his family members (ok, so I added that but you know it's true!).  So this logically leads us to believe that this man really listens to what it is his wife, girlfriend, fiance, etc. really wants and needs.  This would further lead us to believe that said gentleman would therefore want to get a gift that would meet this want or need rather than just listening to the commercials and buying "his woman" the latest jewelry craze or handbag (unless that is what she really wants).  In my book, men who really listen are worth their weight in gold and I would much rather have a good man who really listens to my wants and needs rather than getting me something random (and maybe even expensive) when he could have gotten me the gift I really wanted (and in my case spend less than he would have on that diamond bracelet that is being so heavily advertised).

   I am blessed.  I am married to a gentleman who really listens to me and to what I want.  I will never forget the year that he got me my much wanted and dreamed of Christmas gift.  Things were really tight financially and I really wanted a certain power tool.  Yes, I am the self proclaimed Power Tool Queen!  The object of my desire was a Sawzall that could cut through anything.  I had so many plans for that thing and I knew that it was something that my husband and I would use.  He was not a carpenter at that point in his life but I could see many projects that would be made easier with this much coveted tool. ;)  I shamelessly hinted, begged, pointed them out in the ads, and mentioned it time and time again.  My sweet husband said he wished he could get me one but there were not the funds for it right then.  Christmas morning came and there was a small gift under the tree for was not the Sawzall and I tried to appear grateful but inside I kept thinking that I would rather him have saved the money and put it towards a Sawzall.  We went to my inlaws for the rest of Christmas day and I was surprised with another gift there from my husband.  I opened the large box and there she was!  My beautiful Sawzall.  I will not lie...I cried big tears of happiness and hugged that thing.  My husband not only listened to me but sacrificed to get me the one thing that I really wanted!  We still talk about that Christmas and how surprised I was. :)  This year my husband once again listened...he just had me open my gift early...a brand spanking new white (to match all the other appliances) range hood for the kitchen!  I am a very happy lady!  He is also putting in new beadboard paneling  to hide the hideous wallpaper that is in the kitchen.  That is what I truly desired and he is making it happen.  That is worth more to me than all the fancy diamonds in the world!  Moral of the story...don't believe everything you hear from other people...really listen to what it is that your loved ones truly want.

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