Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our Family is Growing

   I'm embarking on a wonderful new adventure in uncharted waters.  I am becoming a grandmother at the age of 48.  My son Chris and my beautiful daughter-in-law/love Heather are blessing my husband and I with our first grandchild.  Of course I am doing all the grandma things like proudly displaying his ultrasound picture on the refrigerator door and shopping like mad for my grandson Bradley James.  I'm making plans, adding to my "Grandma's Library", filling the toy box and anxiously awaiting his arrival in about 3 months.  Of course there are all the considerations like what will we have him call my husband and I?  I was thinking about Grammie for me and jokingly suggested Grumpa for my husband who was not at all amused by that suggestion. ;)  Will he look more like my husband's side of the family (all my boys look so much like their daddy), my side, or his mommy's mother or father's side?  Will his Uncle Josh actually be able to wait until April to come home on leave to see his new nephew knowing that his Uncle Jaysn and his "Aunt" Mollie will get to hold him before he does?  What I do know is that Bradley will be welcomed into a family where he will be loved by his parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, great grandparents, great uncles and aunts, cousins and so many other hanai (Hawaiian for adopted by love) relatives.  Grammie can't wait to meet you Bradley James...I will be the one crying huge tears of joy and praising God for His blessing us with you while I gently hold and cuddle you and kiss your little head.


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