Sunday, June 28, 2020

Never Ignore that Inkling or Gut Feeling...


  I have had a deep inkling or gut feeling that we needed to deeply stock our pantry and get ready for another "crisis" type situation.  Jeff has learned to trust my gut feelings, but even he thought I might be going a bit overboard.  Now I know my feelings were spot on after learning some new information within the last day or two.

   Covid-19 cases are on the rise across our world again and some areas of the USA are being hit hard once more.  Every day there are more and more cases being reported publically in our area.  I learned on Friday that there are many other cases that have been confirmed but not reported officially.  I also learned, through friends in the medical field, that letters are being sent out to doctors and hospitals in our area to prepare for an influx of patients and that elective surgeries may soon be put back on hold to "free up" beds for Covid-19 patients and medical staff again.  I am now wondering if that could be the reason Jeff's surgery was moved up a week at the last minute.  I know our surgeon pretty well and that he will do everything he can to make sure his patients get the surgeries they need ASAP.  He has gone to bat and fought for us numerous times with the health insurance companies.

   There is also a more dangerous strain of Covid-19 that has recently surfaced that is more infectious and increases the viral load due to their actually being more "spikes" in the crown so it can attach itself more easily.  This, along with all the civil unrest, rioting and people gathering in large groups with the weather getting warmer, is a recipe for another huge spike in cases.

   The rioting and looting has also caused a problem with our food delivery system.  Truckers are starting to refuse to go into areas where they cannot be protected by the police.  The good police are being attacked not only by rioters, but also by the politicians in the communities that they serve in.  Those politicians are thinking about being reelected and NOT about public safety.  Good police officers, who want the bad ones weeded out, are being punished and being villified for something that they themselves want to see changed.  They are just as angry about the unjust killings that have happened, but also upset when due process in not served, and other good officers, who had to make that heartbreaking desicion to save their own lives when they are at risk of being killed, are being villified and railroaded.  This painting all cops as "bad" has got to stop.  The majority of them are hardworking people who became police officers to serve and protect their communities.  I know many amazing officers, starting with my own son Chris.  

   Personally, I think that things are going to be worse than they were during our first "stay home, stay safe" mandates.  Then, we were only dealing with the virus, now we have civil unrest on top of it all making this a possibly explosive situation in so many ways.  My advice to myself, as well as to everyone else is get prepared.  Plant more stuff in your gardens or potted plants on your deck or patio so you have less trips to the grocery store for fresh produce.  Stock up on non perishables and shelf stable milks and meats.  Get flour, yeast, sugar, salt and anything else you might need to make your own breads.  Make sure you have a stock of toilet paper BEFORE there is a run on the stores again and if you can find hand sanitizer, get it now.  Please mask up every single time you are out and about (it is a mandate to do so in our state at the moment).  Do not gather in large crowded areas even if your county says you are putting yourself at high risk if you do.  

   Jeff and I have been so careful about trying to protect ourselves and about stocking up on things we need.  He just got his Covid-19 test today to clear him for his knee replacement surgery on Tuesday.  Our oldest son Jaysn will be driving us to the hospital and also picking me up that afternoon from the hospital and taking me home.  He will be wearing a mask even in the car to further protect us.   The next day Rachel will be helping us and hopefully, we will be able to take Jeff home that day.  They are also pitching in to help with the yard while Jeff is laid up.  We really could not do this without them.

   Hopefully we have got most everything we need on hand for the next month.  I know the kids or my friends and neighbors are more than willing to help us out IF we find that we are in need of something, but I am hoping we will not need that help.  I have a few more meals to make ahead of time this weekend and put in the freezer for days when I am in a huge flare and can't do much either.  I just have to make sure that Monday, I rest as to not be in a flare on Tuesday.

   Be safe, get prepared and please please try to limit your exposure as much as possible!



  1. I’m afraid you are 100% right.
    Our state is open but cases are rising so my husband and I have put ourselves back in isolation. We are very stocked but I’m working on a new Walmart grocery pickup order right now

  2. Hope Jeff's surgery goes well. I haven't gone out except to do curbside grocery pick ups and drop offs at my friend's house. I have all other items delivered. I can't stock up much in terms of frozen items because I don't have a separate freezer, only the one that comes with my fridge. But, I've plenty of canned items on hand. No yeast, though, as none is available in the stores in my area. It's a good thing I like rice. :)

  3. Thanks. I am going shopping today.

  4. Call the hospital before day of surgery. You may not be allowed in with Jeff. Most are not yet allowing visitors.

    1. Thanks Elle, I have been approved to go in already. They know our situation and are working with us on this. :)

  5. We were just up in Spokane and I cold not believe the people out without masks just ignoring all the warnings. Here is my daughter who is in a mask all day at work and so pregnant it scares me.

  6. Thank you for the tips. We here in rural Pennsylvania are starting to see a steady climb in cases. Stay safe, my friend.

  7. Here in Canada, our numbers are dropping but it is likely due to borders not being opened yet. Sadly, when the second wave comes I don't believe people will care as much about social distancing and such because they don't trust what they are being told.
    It saddens me that police are being demonized in the U.S. I have dealt with many amazing police officers when my son went through 2 years of an opioid and alcohol addiction. The officers I dealt with repeatedly were some of the most caring people. They could have treated my son very harshly but never did. I have nothing but respect for honest police officers.
    Things will get worse. The Bible states that it will. However, God is still on his throne and he has promised never to leave or forsake us. That reassurance gets me through these dark days.

  8. Guess my post yesterday is floating some where in the internet. Been praying for you since I read this post.
    SJ in Vancouver, BC

  9. I am glad that you listened to your gut feeling and that you are prepared as much as possible.
    I hope that Jeff's surgery goes well and that he has a quick recovery.
    Scary times. I think most police officers are good people, but unfortunately we are hearing more about the bad ones.

  10. Still praying and hoping all is well.
    SJ in Vancouver BC


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