Sunday, June 14, 2020

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 6/6-6/12 2020

   Again a little late.  I spent most of Saturday in bed. It was just one of those times when I needed to rest.  Such is life but overall, Life is good!

~Jeff and I went on a short hike in a beautiful cedar forest that we happened upon while on a drive.
~We watched some movies here at home.
~We dropped off some donations at Goodwill and found a few things there including an old cookbook that was put together years ago by the Athletic Booster Association of our local high school.  The first page I opened up to had a recipe submitted by our dear Aunt Norma (neighbor) who just passed away recently.  Upon going through the cookbook, I found that most of the people that I knew that had shared recipes have passed away.  Some of the recipes are ones that I remember those dear people cooking and bringing to potlucks at church.  Such wonderful memories of some special people. One of the clothing items that I bought did not fit (the dressing rooms were closed due to covid-19) so I will be taking that back for in store credit.  We used a 20% off coupon for the highest priced item (shorts for Jeff) and got another 20% off coupon for our donation.
~Jeff and I used our Starbucks gift card to get 2 drinks while we were at Safeway.  I was shocked when it came to over $10 for both drinks!

~I thawed out some of the sliced cooked turkey that I had in the freezer and made a nice turkey and apple salad.  We had that on reduced priced crescent rolls along with the leftover homemade potato salad for lunch.
~I cooked up a pound of hamburger in the oven in one big square and cut that down into hamburger patties.  Quick, easy and very little mess. We had a few of the burgers for dinner and saved the rest for later in the week.
~Two more loaves of homemade bread were made. (Piggy backed with the hamburgers that were baked).
~I hung a few things out to dry on the laundry line.
~Josh and Chris both called me on the phone.  Both shared some troubling information and it hurt my heart for them and the other people involved.  I made a decision to pray about it and not let my worries get the best of me. Yes, I am slowly learning.
~I popped a lemon juice ice cube out of the container in the freezer and had that in my large glass of water.  Refreshing and loaded with vitamin C.
~The library called and they are sending me some videos I requested.

~It was a cold and rainy day so I pulled some homemade turkey noodle soup out of the freezer so we could heat it up and have it for dinner.
~I also used some sweet hamburger buns that need to be used up and made those into toast to go with the soup.

~Some movies I requested from the library came in.
~Lunch and dinner were all leftovers and snacky type stuff.
~I made myself a Maitai.
~Jeff got the outdoor bamboo blinds up and what a difference they make on the back porch!
~Jeff also helped me get the rest of the squash plants in the garden.
~I harvested my first strawberries for the good!

~Jeff got the lawn mowed before the next storm system comes in and put the grass clippings on the compost bin.
~Snacky stuff again for a late lunch.
~I made an iced coffee drink using coffee, half and half cream and a bit of vanilla creamer.  Delicious and refreshing way to start the day!
~I wanted some cereal but the milk had gone bad.  I used half and half with some water in place of milk.  It was really good.

~I harvested kale and some strawberries from the garden.
~I cut up a package of store bought strawberries and mixed them with some sugar.  After the masticate for a bit, I repackaged them into individual portions to use on shortcakes or ice cream and froze them.
~I made 2 pints of rhubarb infused vodka and a half pint of homemade vanilla with the beans my sister brought me from her garden in Tahiti.
~I refilled the kitchen and guest bathroom hand soap containers with one of the refill packs from the Dollar store.  It came out to .25 cents a refill for each container.
~Jeff and I tightened up our chopping list for things that we needed to get before his surgery since we need to be careful about exposure for him right now and so we won't have to go out after his surgery.  Basically we are trying ot prepare for 2 months out at this point.
~I ran outside just before the rain hit and harvested some more dill and lettuce from the garden.

   I hope you all have had a great weekend!


  1. I am glad to read that you are doing so well, Debbie. It looks like you got a lot of frugal things done! I'm sorry that your sons had troubling information to share with you; I hope everything turns out to be well with them both. I had been thinking about you as I've watched news because I know you have sons who are in law enforcement. I hope things continue to work out well for you and Jeff as you prepare for his upcoming surgery. Have a good, frugal week ahead.

    1. Thank you BLess. It is indeed troubling when you see attacks on police officers. Believe me, it is not limited to the big cities either.


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