Saturday, June 27, 2020

Frugal Friday Wrap 6/20-/6/26 2020

   Well folks, Jeff's surgery date has been moved up to this coming Tuesday, June 30th!  It has been  a whirlwind of activity around here trying to get things done since we just found out about the change late Thursday afternoon.  UGH!  I am so glad he is going to have it done this coming week though because things, they are a changing.  My next blog post will be all about that.  Anyway, that being said, I don't think I will be doing a Frugal Friday Wrap up for this coming week.  I will be busy with being at the hospital with Jeff and then taking care of him once we get him home.  I am desperately afraid all of this will throw me into an even bigger flare since I will be doing all the daily chores that he usually takes care of to keep this house running as smoothly as possible.  Onto the savings for this week.

~We got what I hope was the last of our stock up before Jeff's surgery done.
~I found two ground cherry plants at the nursery and bought them.  I grew up eating this wonderful fruit in Hawaii.  My oldest two grandboys love them too and call them "Grammie's Hawaii Fruit".
~We refilled the propane tank for the BBQ grill.
~My parents are giving away their huge BBQ grill.  This is super fancy but just too hard for my father to move around anymore, so they bought a lighter one.  Hopefully Chris will have room in his truck to bring it back for us after they head over for a visit this week.
~We will offer our BBQ grill to a friend and if they do not want it, we will sell it cheap.
~Father's Day, we picked up some food at Panda Express (Jeff's choice) and picnicked in the car under a shady tree.  I still had a bunch of my food left, so I brought it home and had it for dinner later that night.
~I made a homemade version of Chik Fil A's was really good!
~We found a perfect gift for Lauren at Marshall's and I picked up one of their huge tote bags for .99.  it will be perfect for hauling towels and things in when we go to the beach or transporting things back and forth to the kids.  I picked one with a fun flamingo on it because it was so bright and cheery.
~We returned an item of clothing to Goodwill that did not fit and got in store credit for it.  Jeff found a pair of pants that were $9.99 that he needed (he had been looking for a pair like them for about 6 months and finally found some).  Between the in store credit and a 20% off coupon we got when donating some items, his pants came out to $5.  He was happy!

~We stayed home and worked on projects around the house.  Jeff got mulch around the plants in the front garden and helped me plant the ground cherries.  We then watered everything in well.
~We also did a deep soaking watering on the other gardens since Tuesday was going to be a scorcher of a day.
~I made some pork chops and rice casserole.  It is one of our favorites.  I made sure to make enough for at least two meals so we could have some again later in the week.
~Josh blessed us with Disney + so we can now enjoy that also for entertainment.
~I picked a bowl full of strawberries from the garden.
~The sheets were washed and hung out on the line to dry.  Oh they smelled so good when I crawled into bed.

~Jeff got the HUGE 50 pound bag of flour we bought into airtight buckets and containers so it would not get "buggy".
~He and I worked on organizing the pantry again.  It had become a dumping ground full of bags of shelf stable groceries that we had not put away.
~I used a Sterilite 3 drawer container and organized our extra spices, baking supplies and bagged coffees into that.  It is much easier now to find them then to try to look way back on the lower pantry shelves.
~I picked some green onions out of the garden and used them, along with some dill from the garden, to make a huge tuna pasta salad.  It is one of our favorites and so good on a hot day.  Caesar enjoyed the oil from the tuna over the top of his dog food.
~I also cut up two cucumbers into slices so that I would grab those as a snack instead of junk food.  Well, that is the plan at least.
~Jeff realized that we were almost out of the smaller coffee filters for our coffee maker so he stopped at the grocery store on his way to work in the evening to pick some up.  Hopefully that is that last trip we have to make to a store for about a month.
~I did get a bag of food items ready to go down to our town's little free food pantry.  These are easy to make items that I thought other people might like and are not things that we usually eat on a regular basis.
~The swamp cooler is running for most of the day now.  It just got too hot too soon and I literally got sick from the hot temperatures outside.  I usually switch it over to just vent the cool air in at night but it was still too hot to do that tonight.
~Our governor announced that starting this Friday, it will be mandatory for everyone in this state to wear a mask if they are inside a business or around people where it is hard to social distance.  We may have to pick up a few more masks since we have 4 here right now along with the one Jeff has for work.  They have to be washed after every use so I want to get a few more of the kind Jeff has for work for him anyway.

~I unfortunately had a massive and very painful Fibro flare which had me in bed for most of the day.  Luckily we had leftovers in the fridge, so that is what we had for lunch and dinner.
~I was able to pick a few strawberries from the garden.
~Jeff got more weeding done and mowed that lawn.

~I chatted with my mom and she is making us a few more masks and will send them in the mail to us.
~Jeff went down to our town's commodities giveaway.  We got about $200 worth of food again.  his turned out to be an even bigger blessing than we could have imagined...more on that next.
~The surgeon's office called and they want to move Jeff's surgery date up to next Tuesday!  This is a big blessing because Covid-19 cases are on the rise again and the sooner we can get it done, the less chance of them having to cancel again.
~Jeff grilled some sausages for dinner.
~We watered the gardens and hanging baskets when it got cooler in the evening.
~I dumped out Caesar's bucket of water outside onto the flower beds and got him some fresh stuff.

~We had a long day of running around doing all the preop stuff for Jeff's now moved forward surgery.  Leftovers for dinner saved the day!
~I watered the gardens in the evening.
~I found some hummus marked down at Safeway.  I love hummus.

   If you are inclined to pray for Jeff or send good thoughts, we both would really appreciate them.  Help that we had lined up for the original week of his surgery is not available so we have been scrambling.  Luckily Jaysn and Rachel have really gone out of their way to help us and I am so very appreciative of them.  Be blessed and please also pray for Becky's husband Rob, at Beckyathome, who is having hip replacement surgery on Monday.  Tis the season for replacing body parts at our ages. ;)


  1. I'll be keeping Jeff and you in my prayers. Visualizing excellent surgery success and smooth, comfortable healing for Jeff.

    I hope you will have time to keep us updated after Jeff's surgery. Take care.

    1. Thank you so much Susie. I will try to update when I can. :)

  2. Hope Jeff's surgery goes well and recovery will be smooth. Stay healthy and take care!

  3. Prayers that Jeff's surgery goes well and he has an easy recovery.
    IF you run out of something I imagine you will be fine, as you know how to substitute things. Surely someone will be able to run out for you in the process.
    Best of everything to you both.

    1. Thank you Cheryl! We talked to our kids and they are going to help us as needed. :)

  4. God's timing is perfect = that's what I know.
    I'll keep you and Jeff in my prayers.I'm so excited he's getting this done this week.
    Hugs, SJ in Vancouver BC

    1. Thank you SJ. :) I'm excited too...things are getting a bit dicey around here with the Covid-19 thing ramping up.


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