Monday, June 22, 2020

Self Imposed Surgery Prep Quarentine in Effect Here


   We have entered the 2 week period leading up to Jeff's total knee replacement surgery and therefor are doing a 2 week modified quarentine.  Jeff still has to go to work, but he really only works with two people for very limited time periods and they all wear masks.  Most of the time he is alone in his truck making deliveries throughout the night.  He is really good about making sure that he keeps his hands and his truck sanitized for his own protection and has been doing this all along.

   Jeff has his pre-op walk through this coming Friday and then will have to get a Covid-19 test about 6 days before surgery and then will have a "quick test" done right before surgery again.  Covid-19 cases are on the rise in our state and in our county (although we have not been slammed like some of the counties around us) so it is a day by day waiting game on whether I will even be allowed to be there with him before and after his surgery.

   We finished getting the last minute items this past Sunday so I think we are set for the most part.  We are going to have some medications that were not in just mailed to us to take less of a chance of possible exposure to the virus.  The propane tank is now refilled, I got the last of the garden plants I wanted and they are now planted in the garden.  Jeff got the mulching of the front garden done today and I hope it will help things along. It has not been a good year so far for the garden and I am praying that next year will be much better after a layer of our homemade compost from this year is added into the garden beds next Spring, along with all the woodchips we have been using as mulch break down over the Winter.  The bigger weeds that I can't pull up and the ones I am allergic too have now been pulled out by my hero hubby.  That was a huge job all by itself.

   The pantry and freezers, along with the fridge, are stocked with only one "casualty" happening.  A sausage rope fell out of the freezer in the garage and Jeff missed seeing it.  I found it very warm laying on the floor in there today.  Luckily, it was one I got at the Dollar Tree, so it is not a huge monetary loss by any means.  I even stocked up on some "treats" to help us get through the boredom of having to be home so much.

   Things like TP, laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, toothpaste, etc. are all topped off as are bags of cat food, dog food and kitty litter.  We planned for two months worth of needs, just in case.  The fur babies are not sure if we are having a feast or if something is up at the moment, so they follow us around the house suspiciously. 😉

   We are going to take this time to get the house in order and work on some projects we have here before Jeff's surgery.  There are rooms to be reclaimed after becoming more like storage units.  They need to be purged and organized, which Jeff is amazing at.  We promised Bradley and Isaiah that we would get the top bunk bed, which is now used to store extra blankets and things, all cleaned off so they don't have to share the bottom full sized bunk bed any more when they come to stay with us.  We would like to be able to do a sleep over with all three of the grandsons here in the near future so Steven will have to share that bottom bunk with someone.  He has done sleep overs at his cousins house before, so it is not a new thing for him.  Plus, they all wear each other out and sleep very soundly this way.  Bonus!

    I'm digging out board games, playing cards, etc. to have on hand for Jeff and I to play while he recovers and can't move around much.  Josh is also gifting us Disney + so we can watch that channel too and enjoy all the old movies and new one that they have to offer.  That should be fun!

   These next two weeks will be busy getting the last minute things done around here and then we get into the surgery and recovery phase.  I am so glad that Jeff is finally going to be able to get this done.  It is desperately needed.







  1. I've had both knees replaced - best thing I ever did, bar none. It has changed my life; I had forgotten what pain free felt like! If you asked my advice (and you didn't!) I would say to do every exercise they suggest, and then some more
    ; push yourself within safe boundaries. It is so important!! And enjoy your games, and your snacks and if you can find a "grabber" you might find it useful.

    1. Thank you for the grabber idea. We do have one of those out in the garage. I will make sure that we have it in the house and ready to go. :)

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  2. Sounds like you've done everything you possibly can to be prepared for this! Hope all goes well, the surgery is successful, and Jeff's recovery will progress nicely. Stay safe!

  3. As I read about you stocking up, I was trying to remember what I didn't realize would make things easier after surgery. I especially found the electric, very cold pack that was the one they used in the hospital on me to be very good at relieving pain with my first knee. We brought it home, our insurance paid for it. I highly recommend it. For me a regular Ice pack was too heavy and made my knee ache when I tried to use it.

    It was probably just the way things were at our house, but between the time I came home from the hospital and the time the stitches could come out, I was supposed to keep the bandaged area dry, so I just did sponge baths. We were seriously short on washcloths for me to sponge bathe with. If I remember right I usually used like three or four washcloths for the soapy wash, and as many for the rinse cloths, every day. My skin is sensitive to soap, so I needed separate cloths for rinsing because the soap was too difficult to completely rinse out by hand. That made for my husband having to do laundry loads with just the washcloths each day, because the cloths would get stale hanging dry and were very difficult to get the soap rinsed out of them by hand. By day 2 my husband made a quick run to Dollar general to get a couple of cheap bunches of washcloths to limit him having to do loads of laundry so often.

    Not to be too personal, just being real, I highly suggest either a raised toilet, or a removable extra height toilet seat that can easily be put on the toilet when needed or removed when not. It really made getting up and down easier and less painful before and after the surgery.

    I also found it very handy to have a small ice cooler next to my recliner (where I slept and spent most of my time) at night time at first so I could have some cold water, milk, or soda. And also something to have for a snack when I needed to have food in my stomach for medicine or I just needed a snack. That way, when I was still using my walker at first, I didn't need to disturb my husband get anything for me if he was sleeping or busy. After the surgery, I was rarely able to sleep at night. From what I have read that happens to many people. I did not have a tray for my walker, and it took me a while to figure out that I could put a plastic bag on my walker to carry some things.I used a walker for quite a while because the arthritis was so bad in my non surgery knee, I needed it for longer than many people do.

    Oh, that grabber that LEfting suggested in earlier comments is great to have. Worth every penny. I think everyone (surgery or not) would find them so useful to have in the house. After surgery they are really helpful. I attached my grabber to my walker by looping a piece of elastic to my walker arm and then I could hang the grabber from my walker and have it with me. It was especially useful when I went into the kitchen for anything where I would very often drop things. We still use the grabber several times a week for grabbing our dog's toys out from under furniture.

    One more thing I thought of. When I got into the car after the first surgery to come home from the hospital, our cloth car seat made it so difficult for me to scoot into the seat properly, even with the back of the seat tilted all of the way back.
    When I had my second knee done, and it was time to come home, I laid an unopened black plastic trash bag on the seat, tilted the back of the seat back, and slid on that plastic right into position on the seat so much easier than it had been with the first knee.

    I hope that everything goes smooth as can be with your husband's surgery and that he recovers as quickly, and comfortably as possible.

    1. Those are all wonderful suggestions and most I would have never thought of. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and what helped you.

  4. Sending prayers your way.

    My cousin who had both knees replaced, last one in Oct2019, used something like this for his recovery - hope the link works.

    His PT suggested it. I know it's pricey but he said it was the best in therapies at the time. The price on the link is in Canadian dollars, so about 30% more then the US dollar version.

    His health insurance also covered in home physio therapy which he started I believe on his 3rd day home from the hospital. Then twice a week until he was able to go into the PT office. Just some things to consider setting up ahead of time. Oh, and now, my 70yo cousin is back on his road bike with his new knees.
    Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC

    1. Thank you for the link. I will have to check it out and ask the doctor about it on Friday since we have our hospital tour and going over the procedure with him. I hope we can do in home physical therapy since I don't drive and I'm not sure how soon after his surgery Jeff will be able to.

      I'm so glad your cousin is doing so well after his surgery...that is great to hear! Be blessed my friend!

    2. My husband has both knees replaced (1 year apart). He had the in home physical therapy with the 2nd knee. Much easier to have the therapist come to your home if that is available in your area versus having to get in the car and drive to therapy. Make sure to have plenty of ice for the ice pack. Also, having the elevated toilet seat helps.

  5. My husband is still on track for his total hip replacement on Monday! He just has to test negative for Covid on Sunday. Then, we will have to totally quarantine until Monday morning, and be good to go. There should be no issues, we've stayed home except for a few times when we got some needed items, but it was rare. We have already done the class about the surgery, and have been getting ready like crazy. We, also, are stocking up, doing tons of chores, and gathering supplies.

    They said they would be giving us a grabber, toilet extender and sock puller, plus another few items, while at the hospital. At the pre-surgery class, we ended up with a session with the physical therapist, which was very helpful. At that appointment, we learned that we had to have a bench to go across the bathtub, not just a seat, and had to tear out the shower doors! Or Rob wouldn't have an in-bath shower for like 6 weeks! Glad we went to that class:). We got that done. We also re-arranged our bedroom so he could get through with a walker. Hip replacement has different rules than knee surgery, but Rob will not be able to bend more than a 90 degree angle for several weeks. We will get through it, but I'm very happy for you that you get some help from your hospital, as well.

    I'm a bit anxious because of course, it's major surgery, but mostly, I'm so excited. I don't know how he has lived with the pain he's in for so long. Hope is such a nice thing:)

    1. Oh my goodness guys had a lot of prep to do! Jeff will be able to shower since they are putting a sealant over his incision site. I will be praying for Rob! Jeff's surgery has been moved up to this coming Tuesday, so we are trying to get all the last minute things done. He just got his covid test today.

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