Sunday, July 5, 2020

Update of Jeff's Total Knee Replacement Surgery

   Thank you everyone for your good wishes, thought and prayers for Jeff.  He has his surgery on Tuesday and ended up staying that night due to nausea and having trouble with the lingering effects of the medication that put him out for his surgery.  Jaysn, our oldest son, had picked us up that morning to take us to the hospital and then picked me up again that evening from the hospital and stayed here with me that night.  He then took me back to the hospital the next morning and Rachel came and picked us up to bring us home once Jeff got released.  She also did our banking for us that day, which was a huge help!

   Our experience at the hospital was really good.  Several of the nurses and the CNA are people that we have known for years.  It was so good to get caught up with them on how their families are doing.  Our physical therapist was a hoot and we got along great with him.  He even did some additional work with Jeff on his own time so that he could be released earlier.  The respiratory therapists were also great and one of them even adjusted Jeff's C-pap machine for him so we would not have to make a long drive down to the company that we got it from.  Our surgeon stopped by twice to check on Jeff and our primary care doctor also stopped in to check on him.  Everyone, from the doctors to the cheerful kitchen staff that made and delivered our meals was wonderful to us.

   One of Jeff's bosses dropped his paycheck off at the hospital for us along with a sweet card and gift.  They have been so good about the last minute changes and trying to make sure that he knows that they do indeed really care about him.  What a blessing they have been to us throughout all of this!

   Jeff is doing really well overall and getting stronger every day.  He is able to do more things on his own now so that is taking some of the pressure off of me.  I still have to do his daily chores, along with mine, but I take things slowly and some days, things that don't need done right away, get put on the back burner.  Yesterday, since he is stronger and can get around on his own with his walker, I was able to spend most of the day in bed while in a really bad fibro flare.

   Today Jaysn, Rachel and Steven are coming for a visit.  They are doing our grocery shopping for us and bringing it out here.  I am going to have Jaysn get a few things done outside for me while they are here.  Chris, Heather and the boys are coming back from Montana today so we will see them later this week and Chris will mow the lawn for us.  Josh would love to be able to be here too, but Vegas is a bit far away and travel is restricted for the military right now due to Covid-19.

   Thank you again for all your prayers!


  1. Glad all is going well. Continue moving forward. HUGS

  2. Thanks so much for the update. I know it was a precious use of your energy. I'm glad it all went so well.
    Sending prayers and hugs.
    SJ in Vancouver BC

  3. So happy he is doing well, That is serious surgery. I watched my mom go through it twice. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys.

  4. Thank you for the update. So glad to hear everything went off well and he is recovering nicely. Glad your children are there to help you. Hope you can get some rest now that the surgery is over. Take care.

  5. It is good news to hear how your husband is doing so well and your family is so much help to you. May both you and your husband get some rest and your husband continue to improve every day.

  6. Thanks for the update
    I hope that he has a quick recovery, and that he will be feeling much better soon.


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