Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Yes Virginia, Facts Do Matter

   For years now people have been making up all kinds of things, throwing it out there and seeing if they can whip others up into a frenzy.  They will lie, cheat, and do whatever they can to discredit innocent people just to make things fit their personal narrative.  They have no regard for the damage they do to others and will flip- flop in the wind, latching onto the latest "thing" that is thrown out there.  It is disgusting in my personal opinion.

   I am a person who believes in facts, fairness, and personal responsibility.  I am a compassionate person and bullying of others has no place in my world.  Our family has dealt with toxic bullies in our personal lives for most of Jeff and my marriage and in the last few years, we have had no contact with them.  The damage that was done to all of us is long lasting and something that has taken a huge toll on my health over the years.  It is interesting that the bullies project their bad behavior on us and try to make themselves look like the victims in all of this.  In their world, facts don't matter but in the real and rational thinking world, they really do!

   The key phrase to that last statement is "in the real and rational thinking world".  It seems that so many people no longer live in that world and instead pull anything and everything out of the air to justify their personal beliefs, many of which are not based on anything factual.  When asked for facts to back up what they are saying, they can't come up with any or they twist things.  The sad thing is that some of the people that we have elected here in the United States are some of the biggest offenders.  They have advocated for violence towards others, spread outright lies, and they say they care about others but yet ignore our veterans who are struggling after having served our country.  I live in a state where our governor, who is running for president, has made our entire state a sanctuary state without putting it to a vote from the people.  He is inviting more criminals, who take advantage of and terrorize our legal migrant population and harm United States citizens, into our state.   The criminal stats and facts don't lie...crime is up and will continue to rise.  My husband works in a high crime area with lots of illegals who are running drugs and are part of gangs.  I am terrified for him and pray for his safety.  He and I are going to take a concealed carry class so that he can take a gun with him to protect himself if need be.  We both hate that it has come to this, but it has.

   Do you all remember the whole pushback on our current president when he said there was a crisis at our border with all the migrant caravans coming up from South America?  The mainstream media and some politicians were saying it was a "manufactured crisis".  Those same people are now screaming that there is a "humanitarian crisis" at the border and it is somehow our president's fault.  The president pointed out the facts when this all started, but it did not matter to certain people who have their own agenda.  He has asked for funding to help with this crisis, and yet, while the naysayers at the time refused to believe him, they are now yelling and taking photo ops, throwing out some false info, and at the same time, refusing to pass funding to help care for all the people who are in the ICE detention facilities for breaking our laws and trying to come into our country illegally.  I am all for legal immigration and my heart breaks for the people who have died trying to come in illegally and who have been ruthlessly taken advantage of by human smugglers and traffickers.  I hate seeing families separated but at the same time, there are many children who are being used by non family members and complete strangers, to gain entrance into our country.  Where is the outcry and compassion for those children who have been taken from their parents and used at tools and then "recycled" over and over again?  ICE is trying to find their families and reunite them with them, but you don't hear much about that.

   Yes, facts do matter.  Lives depend on it.  Society needs them to keep order.  Living in chaos where laws are not enforced leads to violence and predatory behavior by those that mean harm to others.  I don't want my kids and grandkids to grow up in a world where facts and laws do not matter, do you?


  1. Preach it sister! AMEN
    I so agree with you. Sports figures and Hollywood types have become legends in THEIR own minds. They act like the 'normal' folks give a patoot what they say. They aren't nothing but over priveledged spoiled brats who have no clue what real life is about.

    Scream about the kids at the border - but vote to kill newborns. Want all the illegal immigrants to have health care - but give nothing for Veterans or elderly. Scream when someone at the border dies - BUT if they hadn't decided to come ILLEGALLY that wouldn't have happened. Muslims need time and space in buildings and schools for their religion so we don't offend them - yet Christianity is basically being removed from everything. The list goes on and on.

    It is so aggravating and it terrifies me for the younger generations - because they are being indoctrinated and brainwashed that all this stuff is ok.

    I pray every day for our country.

  2. Frankly I am disgusted with all of our politicians. They all seem to lie, and I'm not sure that any of them know what the truth is anymore.

  3. It is a hard world we live in and all I can do is be good.

  4. Yes! You are spot on. It's just as bad in Oregon. Our governor is fond of trying to pass things without the vote of the people. Didn't work out for her so well last week when the farmers, loggers, truck drivers etc. finally had enough and united, and along with 11 republican senators, and got it shut down. For now. Stay strong neighbor!

  5. I will never fault any human being for wanting to come to a free country legally or illegally. God forgive those of us who have never been persecuted, starving or abused for screaming legalities when we were privileged to be born in a free country. Had Jews not been hidden illegally and slaves not smuggled into Canada illegally, history would be much different.

    Facts are skewed on both sides. God willing we in the west will never know what it is like to be desperate to flee persecution, poverty and fear. We will speak and think differently should that day come.


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