Friday, June 28, 2019

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 6/21-6/27 2019

   It has been a week full of storms both weather wise and metaphorically.  I got hit with the flu right when the little boys, Bradley and Isaiah, were spending the night with us.  Then Jeff came down with it.  Rachel had to go down to help her mother for a few days who is having a setback after surgery and Jaysn took time off from work to take care of him since I was unable to help.  We had some storms roll through but luckily we were spared the damage that other's got from hail and high winds.  Even though we were slowed way down, we still managed to try to stay on the Frugality Train as much as possible with a few minor blips here and there.  

Beautiful sweater that I found at a yard sale.

~It rained for awhile in the morning so I did not need to water the gardens.  We have had quite a bit of rain so the trees, gardens and fruit bushes are loving it.
~Jeff was able to get our rain barrel set up in the afternoon to store any future rainwater to help water our fruit trees when it gets hotter and drier this Summer.
~I was in a flare so Jeff made pastrami sandwiches with some pastrami I found at the Grocery Outlet  along with some of my homemade bread that I made last Saturday for our dinner.
~My throat was sore from drainage due to my allergies so I had some ice cream to sooth it (that's my story and I'm sticking to it 😉).
~I worked on my points programs.
~Youtube is a wonderful place to find all kinds of videos and movies and I took full advantage of that.
~I received more free magazines in the mail.
~It was a cold day so I cuddled up under a quilt my mother made and had a cat in my lap for the majority of the day.

Another yard sale score.  Brand new with tags Cotton On super soft scarf.  Retailed for $19.95

~Jeff and I ate at Jack in the Box for under $10
~We went to a plant sale and bought several tomato plants and 2 other plants for $1 each.
~We found marked down lunch meat, donuts and a few other items at Walmart.
~Bradley and Isaiah spent the night and helped me harvest strawberries from the garden.
~Jeff took them on a bike ride and then we had pizza while we watched Ice Age.
Jeff and I went to a yard sale and bought clothing,accessories, shoes and some household goods for $10.  A bunch of it was brand new with tags and were expensive brands to begin with.  Some will be used as gifts.
~Dollar Tree had some cute tablecloths on sale with flamingos and turtles.  I also picked up some hair bands and a few other things that we needed.

Another cute scarf found yard saling.

~The flu hit me full force so I slept away most of the day.

~I was able to water the gardens and I picked some strawberries and cherries.
~Jeff fixed our dryer and picked up lunch for us at Panda Express when he was in town getting the part for the dryer.  I only ate half of my lunch so I had the rest on Tuesday.
~Jeff picked up more Kleenex on the way to work since I was going through them like mad.
~I watched some shows on YouTube.
~Most of the day was spent in bed for me again.
~Rachel called and is giving me a several bottles of white wine.

Cute cozy socks, yet another yard sale find!

~More cherries, strawberries and rhubarb were harvested.
~I did manage to get some laundry done.  Since Jeff fixed the dryer it is working so much better and drying the clothing in one cycle.   I would have hung it out to dry but this flu is wiping me out!
~I cooked up 3 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts in the Instant Pot to use for the recipes for the rest of this week.  It beats getting take out and much healthier and cheaper.  Some of it I turned into a delicious chicken salad and the rest of it is cut into slices for other meals.
~Jeff and I moved all the pottong and hanging plants, along with the tomato plants that we bought on Saturday, into the hot tub area where they will be protected.  Our weather forecast predicted hail, rain and high winds (60-70 miles per hour) for Wednesday.
~I had Jeff drop off a movie that was due back at the library Wednesday on his way to work.
~I watched more TV shows online.

Slippers in my size to use when we go to and from the hot tub.

~I harvested more strawberries from the garden.
~Dinner was some of the chicken slices that I had cooked yesterday, a big salad and some stuffing.  I put sweet chili sauce on my chicken and Jeff had his plain.
~More shows were watched online.
~I went up to the cemetery, which is on a high hill in our town, and took some pictures of the storm rolling in.
~I got in on a free magazine offer online.  It was for Field and Stream magazine.  I will give this to Chris since he and the little boys love it.
~I got some Brioche rolls and ham out of the freezer to thaw so I could  make baked ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner on Thursday night.  I am using this recipe and tweaking it a bit to fit our tastes better.

These ham and cheese sliders were so good and so were the strawberries from our garden.

~The 6 other tomato plants that I bought for $1 each over the weekend were all finally planted.
~I also planted the 2 ornamental plants in a large planter that needed a bit more filling in.
~I've been working my points programs all week long.
~Jeff and I did some weeding in the garden even though neither of us was feeling really well.
~More TV watched online.
~Visited with my neighbor/hanai sister over the fence.  I just love her and it was nice to visit without risking getting her sick with this crud.

Two hats found at, you guessed it, yard sale!

   Jeff and I are both starting to feel better but our energy levels are very low.  I think we are both going to take this weekend to relax for the most part and try to heal more.  The only things we must do are going to the bank, some shopping and giving me a much needed haircut.


  1. My goodness you did accomplish quite a lot even with being ill.
    Take care and feel better fast.

    Summer has finally hit Indiana and it is hot. Using rain on the plants this week. Love the rain barrels.

    1. Thanks...Jeff and I are still dealing with this lingering cough and fatigue.

      I don't know how you deal with the humidity there. I'm so used to the dry heat here now that humidity just does me in.

  2. Goodness! I never finish so much when I'm ill. I'm impressed. I would like to plant a dwarf cherry tree at our new house.
    Get well soon!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Thank you my friend! I hope you are able to plant that tree soon. I just came in from picking some cherries off the tree and eating good!

  3. I love the Palouse and those rolling hills. Great photo.

    Sorry to hear the flu hit -- that's a tough one. Glad you're on the mend though. I find that any little hiccup in my health just throws me these days.

    The latest - I had some floaters come up in my left eye. Went into the eye lady and had them checked and they're nothing to be worried about. Except they made me very dizzy for a week. And she told me not to bend over to garden - great. So, I'm sitting down in the dirt pulling weeds. Ego busting for sure.

    Harvested my first cucumber and shelling peas. These peas I save for seed and then I'll start eating some when I have enough to replant. I try and save the very earliest ones from my garden to plant the next year. Well into yellow squash (three plants).Harvested my soft neck garlic - whoops,no scapes on those. Just noticed today that I have two hard neck garlic with scapes ready. I'm still eating lettuce and found one last radish that was hiding. Two kinds of beans are growing - one for fresh eating and one for soup beans. The list goes on with my micro farm. The only down side is I transplanted a few strawberry plants from one location to the next and they got stolen. Ick.

    Also picked the first red raspberry today. Just a half cup but yummy.
    Cheers, SJ

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