Monday, July 8, 2019

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 6/28-7/4 2019

   I'm late once again posting my weekly frugal wrap up post.  It has been busy here with taking care of Steven, Jeremy coming over with his dog Maggie for a visit and then Heather and the little boys coming to pick cherries and visit.  As wonderful as it is to have everyone here, it does wear me out but is so worth it to have my family here with us as much as possible.
Onto the savings!

~Caesar and I had a late start to the day since I did not get to sleep until around 3 in the morning.  We  enjoyed our stroll around the garden while the coffee was brewing and we shared some cherries that I was picking off the tree. 😋
~I found an older series on Youtube called "Til Debt Do Us Part" that I have been watching and I am really getting motivated once again to get our debt paid off and to save all we can so we will be ready when Jeff is old enough to retire and not have a bunch of bills hanging over our heads.
~Jeff had a mandatory meeting at work and they are feeding them dinner there.
~Since Jeff was not going to be home for dinner, I just warmed up some leftover chicken slices, made some mashed potatoes and had that with grapes and strawberries on the side.  Comfort food and so easy!
~I watered the gardens in the afternoon.

~Jaysn and Rachel called and wanted our advice on a car they were thinking about buying.  We headed in to town and went on a test drive with them.  It is a really nice vehicle and one that should do them well for years.
~While in town, we did the grocery shopping and bought a deli sandwich to share since we had not eaten at all yet that day.
~We watched several episodes of Mork and Mindy from the DVD set we borrowed from the library.
~I picked some raspberries, strawberries and cherries.

~Jeff and I took Caesar for a walk in the evening and then he and I hot tubbed later that night.  I sure slept well after that.
~Jeff BBQed burgers for dinner and I cooked up some corn on the cob in the microwave.  4 minutes per ear in the husk made for the perfect sweet corn.
~I found a frog living in my bromeliad plant in the hot tub area.  He is the cutest thing and I have declared him my new pet. :)
~Jeff and I cut my hair.  I feel so much better now that I don't have so much "heaviness" on my head.

~I made a teriyaki meatloaf and rice for dinner using some ground venison that Chris gave us.
~I saved the bottoms of the green onions and put them in water to grow longer roots so that I could plant them out in the garden later in the week.
~More cherries and strawberries were harvested.
~While I was in the kitchen chopping up green onions for the meatloaf, I went ahead and made a Krab salad too.
~I read my cousin Marisa McClellan's new cookbook "The Food in Jars Kitchen" that I borrowed from the library.  It is really good and I am going to go out and buy a copy of it.  It is well worth it!
~I dried some celery leaves in the microwave.  These are really good to add to salad, dips, dressing, etc. and are full of flavor.

~We had to go into town to renew my driver's license and picked up a few things at Walmart when we were there.  They had some marked down items that we needed so that was a blessing.
~Jeff found some marked down paint at the hardware store to use for the cornhole game he is making for the little boys.
~I picked strawberries and raspberries.
~Leftovers for dinner.
~I watched some shows online.
~Gardens were watered in the evening.

~I picked more strawberries and cut up a bunch to use on pancakes, shortcake, etc.
~I also cut up lots of rhubarb from the garden and froze 12 cups of that and made some rhubarb compote.
~I borrowed more dvds and books from the library.
~Dinner tonight was homemade pancakes with homemade strawberry topping and whipped cream served alongside Portuguese Sausage.
~I saved half the Portuguese Sausage and half of the pancakes for a future meal.
~Jeff had to go into work early , but that just means he gets to come home earlier also.  As he was leaving, Caesar and I took a brisk walk around town.  We were both worn out after it but it felt good to get out and walk in the cooler evening air and not have to worry about Caesar burning his paws.
~I had trouble sleeping again so I watched more inspiring getting out of debt videos on YouTube.

~Jeff and I stayed home because we worried about Caesar's reaction to the fireworks.  He is terrified of them and so is Midgey. 
~Jeff picked a bunch of cherries off our tree while I napped.
~I harvested more strawberries and raspberries.
~Jaysn, Rachel and Steven came out and picked cherries and raspberries.  Steven was thrilled to be here to play. :)
~We watched more MOrk and Mindy on DVD that we borrowed from the library.
~We finished the leftover pancakes and sausage for brunch.
~I read a book I borrowed from the library.

   This week will be a busy one as well as we get the gardens weeded and ready for us to be gone for a few days.  We also need to keep up on the watering, picking of cherries, strawberries and raspberries along with the tomatoes that are now coming on.  Add to that processing all of these and well, you can see where my time will be spent.  It's all good though.
Be blessed!


  1. Sounds like a good week. Got to love that harvests are beginning. Love fresh produce. Have a good week.

  2. Great week sounds like you felt pretty good. Love the new pet. Darling.


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