Friday, November 10, 2017

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 11/4-11/10 2017

Grammie's Superheros in their 75% off costumes that their very smart and loving mommy bought them.

   This has not been a week where I was able to do many frugal tasks other than stay home and out of the stores for the most part once Monday hit.  It has been a bad week for me health wise so I have found myself housebound for the majority of the week.  I did venture out to go to the library once and just that 10 minutes was all I could manage to do around people other than my family.  It takes so much energy to act "normal" and not let people see how much pain I may be in right then.    I will say that once again I am very thankful for a well a stocked pantry, full freezers, and a well stocked refrigerator along with a hubby who is willing to pick things up at the grocery store when needed when I cannot manage to make the trip in myself.  It has come to the point where the majority of the time, he comes with me to the store when I go anyway.  I love that man and he takes such good care of me!  Now, onto what I was able to do to save money this week.

Christmas themed Scentsy Burner I found at Goodwill for $5.99

~Saturday we went to a Rummage Sale put on by a local Boy Scout Troop and I was able to find lots of great things there.  I found dvds, clothing, a cosmetic pouch and a felted wool tote bag.  Here is a link to that post if you have not already seen it
~I found another Scentsy Wax burner in a Christmas theme at Goodwill for $5.99
~At another thrift store I found a pair of swim trunks for the little boys and a brand new Christmas themed fuzzy throw blanket.
~We brought the little boys home with us on Saturday to watch a movie and hot tub.  It was so much fun!  Sadly I did not get pictures because we were just enjoying being together.
~Sunday Jeff and I were in "Slug Mode" so we stayed home, watched some shows on TV, napped and had leftovers for dinner.
~Monday I froze a some of the leftover Zuppa Toscana and some rice for future meals.

Venison and macaroni casserole with cheese on top.

~I trimmed my bangs and feel human again. 😉
~Jeff took my car in to have the transmission flushed and new fluid put in it.  It apparently was way beyond needing it to be done.
~Jeff stopped on his way home from our mechanic and picked up some things at the grocery store for me.  Since we got snow and the roads are a bit slick, I did not want to be out driving on them so I stayed home.
~With the cold weather I have found myself sitting closer to our pellet stove seeking it's warmth and listening to different Hawaiian music playlists on Youtube.  I even got up and danced some hula to some of the songs that I know the hula dances to for exercise and because I love them so!  Yes, I took hula lessons as a young child and again as a teenager.
~I've been working my points programs.
~Our shower stall in the master bedroom bathroom decided to come apart so Jeff got in there and fixed and chalked it again.  We are taking our showers in the guest bathroom for a few days while the chalk cures.

Movies borrowed from the library.

~I planned our menu for this week around what needed to be used up in our freezer after I spent some time rearranging it to make sure that the oldest things were moved to the front of the upright freezer and the newer things we placed behind them.
~I ordered a free 2018 Calendar from Joyce Meyer's Ministry
~Thank goodness for leftovers!  I had a major fibro flare on Tuesday and just walking took a huge effort.
~We used the hot tub on Tuesday evening to help ease my aching and stiff muscles.  I do think it helped a bit.

Scrapple and fried apples for dinner.

~Wednesday I made Scrapple and fried apples for dinner.  There were some apples that we starting to go a bit soft so I needed a way to use some of them. We had leftover Scrapple so that will be there for another easy meal.
~Jeff borrowed our son Chris' truck so he could bring home a ton of wood pellets on Thursday morning.
~I sent home several bags of chicken fried steak with Chris...he loves them!
~The library had 3 movies in for me.
~I watched some videos on Youtube and learned how to make homemade chicken bullion from scratch.
~My sweet hubby picked up 2 10 pound bags of potatoes for me at .97 each from Safeway when he was in town on Thursday night for his bowling league.
~I'm back to using our thermal carafe to put the freshly brewed coffee in to keep it hot since I am now having a second cup later in the morning.

Pizza and a salad made for a quick and easy dinner on Friday.

~I got all my fuzzy slippers and cozy robes out and washed so that they are ready for me to use each day.  If I am having a flare/crash or it's just a rainy and cold day and I'm not going anywhere, I tend to just stay in jammies all day long.  It is just more comfortable for me and does not hurt as much as other clothing can be on me.
~Friday night's dinner was a frozen pizza that I got for $1.99 and popped in the oven along with a salad.  Cheap and good!
~On the nights that I have not been able to sleep, I find myself listening to praise and worship music.  YouTube has some good playlists.  One of my favorites in one by Hillsongs.

I love listening to praise music and find lots of playlists on YouTube.

   I'm praying that this weekend and coming week will be a better one health wise and my pain levels will go back down to the 5-6 range on the pain scale.  That I can handle and is my "normal".  Jeff has a long weekend and is off Monday so we are hoping to be able to do a few fun things this weekend and/or Monday if I feel up to it.  I'm thinking maybe going to see a movie.  I can sit, relax and enjoy!  Be blessed and have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, how special to have Batman and Darth Vader (or is that a ninja?) in your kitchen:) I'm sure they had a blast and were fun to watch.

    I'm glad you were able to rest this week, and hopefully, things will feel better for you, soon. It looks like you have quite a few relaxing activities planned for the weekend, so I hope you get to do them.

    We had some rainy weather yesterday, and nothing on the calendar, so I got to stay home all day, sewing. That is so rare, and special, I cannot even describe it! I just made a couple of little skirts for the Operation Christmas Child boxes the girls are putting together. I'm beginning to see that I probably love doing it more than they do--but I can live with that--I love sewing and it's a great cause.

    I was able to get some cleaning done as well. We are trying to get things organized for Thanksgiving, since I'm hosting and none of the kids have school that week and they will all be here off and on, all week. Actually, because I don't have to spend 5-6 hours each day doing homeschool, it will all work out easily.

    1. HI Becky, I'm not sure what Bradley's costume was...I'm thinking some kind of transformer, but I could be wrong. :)

      I saw the dresses that you were making and they are beautiful! YOu are so talented!

      Sounds like Thanksgiving week is going to find you with a house full of family! Please do pace yourself so you can enjoy Thanksgiving and not be worn out. :)

  2. Love the costumes!! I'm sure they loved being super heros.
    I,too, love the music from Hillsong United. I'll have to checkout YouTube. I really haven't explored there- thx for the idea.

    1. Thanks SJ, those boys love to dress up in costumes and play with their cousins that are close to their own age too. It's always fun to see a whole bunch of Superheroes together...Makes me feel so safe! ;)

  3. Lucky you to have those Superheroes taking care of you! :) I'm sorry the week was not such a good one, healthwise, but, hopefully, the weekend was better and the coming week will be good. Loved reading that you danced the hula. It is such a beautiful dance. Take care of yourself.

    1. Thanks Bless! I was wondering, did you ever learn some of the traditional dances from Sri Lanka? I think those are amazing too.

  4. Your superheroes are awesome!! Looks like you had a frugal week in spite of not feeling so well. Isn't it amazing how trimming the bangs can make us look and feel better? ha ha... me too!

    1. HI Penny! It really does make a difference doesn't it. :)

  5. Hi, Debbie,
    I’m a Debbie, too!
    I also have chronic pain although mine is back related. In the Winter, i’ve Found that having a warm bed, electric blanket, has made a huge difference! I don’t know if this would help but thought i’d Throw it out there. People look at me and don’t see the pain i’m In, either. So, I totally get it when you write about family and friends wondering what all the fuss is about.
    Love the costumed crusaders! My grands are 8 hours away. Boo.....
    Another Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie, nice to meet you! :) I'm sorry you deal with chronic pain. My hubby also had bad back pain due to degenerative disk disease, which is hereditary unfortunately. Thank you for sharing what works for you. I know if my muscles get cold and tense up it is so much worse. I just got out of our hot tub trying to loosen up those muscles and to get my legs to stop hurting. Be blessed!


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