Monday, November 20, 2017

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 11/11-11/17 2017


Cute Kate Spade purse.

   Late again in posting this.  We had a busy but fun weekend and since I usually try to get this posted Saturday just did not happen.  Onto the savings...

Three of the movies that we found at the new to us thrift store.  Not showing the brand new in wrapper ones that will be gifts just in case the recipient sees this. ;)

~On Saturday Jeff and I discovered a new thrift store and found some great deals there.  We picked up 2 English mugs, a Kenneth Cole Reaction shirt, a toy for Steven, and 6 dvds (3 of them were brand new in wrapper and will be Christmas gifts for family).
~We also went to Goodwill and found a really neat building set for the little boys, and a brand new North Face jacket for Jeff that was only $14.99.  I looked it up and it retailed for $190. We also found a pair of pants for me, a brand new blanket, a new in package queen sized sheet set for $5.99, some Christmas ornaments, a 3 hole punch and a bowling ball.

New sheet set for Jeff and my bed.

~Jeff and I watched the movie "Going in Style" that we borrowed from the library.  It was really good!
~Jeff reorganized the 2 big freezers so that it would easier for me to find what I needed.
~Monday we had to make another run into town to pick up a few things that we had forgotten the day before.  Jeff had mentioned that we needed mats or rugs by the front and back doors now that the weather is changing and we would be tracking in mud, water and snow.  I was able to find 2 mats at the Dollar Tree.  I figured at $1 each, I could afford to replace them as they got really dirty or destroyed by the cats.

Purse organizer and brand new small Vera Bradley wristlet wallet.

~We also stopped by my favorite thrift store so that I could look for boots for Bradley.  I found some there for him and also found some other amazing deals.  There was a pine garland that lit up, needed that to replace the one that Doofy ate ($2.99), a cute Kate Spade purse ($2.99), a Vera Bradley wristlet that was brand new (.49),  some cds that Jeff wanted ($1.50 each), a squeegee, a toy for Steven (.99), a purse organizer (.99) and a few other things.
~We did go out to lunch at a place that makes huge calzones.  I brought home half of mine for another meal.
~We found a cute little Vtech brand plane for Steven for Christmas at Walmart.

With all the rich foods I have been eating lately, I needed a salad one night.

~Tuesday I made 2 more loaves of bread for sandwiches for the week for my hubby to take to work with him and for his toast.
~I hot tubbed on Tuesday night to help ease my sore muscles.
~I continue to do more research on CFS and Fibromyalgia and how to manage these diseases.
~Our son Jaysn turned us onto the fact that the Red Green show is on YouTube.  I am so excited because Jeff and I love this show and do not get it on our PBS channels anymore.
~Our library has some new books and dvds that looked interesting, so I put in requests for them.

CD my hubby found for me.  I love my Hawaiian music.

~Wednesday I found 2 rotisserie chickens marked down at half price in the deli section at Walmart.  I bought one for us and one for Jaysn and Rachel.  Rachel has been sick with a cold and this will make dinner easy for her and she can use the rest of the chicken to make some nice homemade chicken noodle soup.
~Wednesday I took care of Steven in the afternoon and evening while Jaysn, Rachel and my Jeff went out car shopping.  Jaysn's car died and he wanted his dad's help in finding a good used car that would work well for their family.  Jeff was able to steer them away from bad cars and they found one that needed a few repairs (which the dealership is doing for free when Rachel told them that they would be sticking to their budget, paying in cash and would just walk away from getting the car if the repairs were not taken care of at the dealership's cost.)
~Thursday was a bad crash day for me so I did nothing.
~Friday I struggled but finally got the Garlic Sesame breadsticks done for the family Ladies Brunch on Saturday.

   It seems like I have been hit by the SPAM monster again in some of the replies to my posts.  I do want to apologize for that and I am deleting them as I find them.  Be blessed all!


  1. You are the queen of good thrift deals.
    Those sheets are a steal and your husband will like the North Face. Our grown kids are North Face fans and they say it really holds up even after multiple years of wearing.

    1. Thanks Rhonda. :) North Face is a great brand and yes it does hold up well. My hubby is enjoying his new jacket.

  2. You found some great items at the thrift stores. Thanks for telling us about Red Green on Youtube. I love that show. Take care and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

    1. You are so welcome and Happy Thanksgiving to you also!

  3. You find such great things. I want to go thrifting with you. Maybe next spring I will drive up your way and we will go. I am getting weird things also.

    1. I would love that! We could have so much fun!

  4. Looks like you had a great week and found some good things at the thrift stores! Isn't it fun? Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

    1. Hi Penny! It is fun. I love finding treasures and things that we both need and want at thrift stores. I actually prefer to shop thrift stores as opposed to retail stores at this point in my life. There is way more variety and the prices are amazing!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Chrissy. :) Yesterday was a good day for me. Today is a slow day, but that's ok. :)

  6. You got some great deals at the thrift stores. You always do! Excellent buy on the sheets set! And I like that purse organizer and might steal the idea to make one for myself - one of my cousins gave me a purse for my birthday and while it is a beautiful purse, everything is in a jumble in the one compartment!

    1. Hi BLess, I love those purse organizers and I would think that you could easily make one. I especially like using them for my larger bags and totes.

  7. I just love this post, no matter when it appears during the week. You certainly found some great deals. And how fun to find a new thrift store.
    I was also happy to hear that your recipe turned out in spite of the fibro fog - It reminded me of making a jello salad one time for Christmas dinner. I had misread the recipe and put in about 4X the sugar called for. HAHAHA - and that was before CFS hit.
    Turns out, I was awake two mornings in a row at 5AM. The rest of the week I seemed to be in a more normal sleep pattern. At least, my 'normal'.
    I spent some money this week - went to Ikea and took the plunge and replaced my double bed with a twin. Tomorrow the double mattress/boxspring gets picked up. I'm so excited to have a new bed. And also one that I can 'handle', if that makes sense. The double-XL was just too big for me to move around. The XL part means it was queen length but double width.
    Staying cozy today with lots of rain coming down. Take good care of yourself. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    1. Hi SJ, it is raining cats and dogs here too. ;) I completely get where you are coming from with the bed. We have a queen sized bed and Jeff has to be the one to make it since it is hard for me to do so. I would love to upgrade to a king sized one though because if it is just me and the cats (I now have 2 that insist on sleeping with me), I can deal with it, but add the hubby along with the cats and between the 3 of them, they take up most of the bed which makes sleeping even harder for me.


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