Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rain, Rest, Reading and Rufus

   It's a rainy day here and one that is perfect for snuggling up under a blanket while the fire in the pellet stove warms our home.  I do love a rainy day to help me relax. 

   I added some Fall decorations to our old cabinet and it looks so pretty.  I especially enjoy it at night when all the other lights are off and all you see is the soft glow it gives off from the little twinkle lights.

   A cup of flavored coffee in a favorite mug sent to me by my dear childhood friend Lena sits on a coaster on the side table just waiting for me to take another sip of it's creamy good richness.  I'm sure there will be at least one refill on this today.

   Breakfast and a good book are the perfect way to start my day.  If you have not had a chance to read "The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen" yet, you really should.  They live up north not to far from me and put on an amazing Junk and Antique show every year.  They are also contributors to Country Living magazine.  And yes, that is my computer under it all just waiting for me to get on it and type out this post. ;)

   Of course there is my Rufus, my rambunctious cuddle bug.  He decided earlier this morning that kneading my sore midsection would "help" Mommy  heal.  Not so much Rufus, but I do appreciate the thought. He then took up one of his normal perches peering out the window and making sure that no intruders dared to come into his yard.  The coast must be clear because he is now happily curled up in his favorite chair dreaming happy kitty dreams.


  1. I'm so glad your surgery went well, Debbie and I hope you're recovering quickly.

    Rufus is adorable :)


    1. Thanks Rue. :) I slept for 12 hours today so I guess my body is telling me it needs it to heal. :)


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