Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why Did I Move Here From Hawaii???

 You know it's cold when Molly is either curled up UNDER the covers in bed with me or has taken over Jeff's spot on the love seat so she can be closest to the warm pellet stove.  She is one  HUGE cat with lots of  "padding" (though she claims she is just big boned).  

As our outdoor temperatures continue to plummet into the negatives, with dangerous wind chill warnings starting tomorrow, I have to ask myself WHY I MOVED HERE FROM HAWAII!

Could it be that I met and fell in love with the sweetest, kindest, most loving gentleman whom I would be lost without? Could it be that he got "rock fever" after about a week on the Big Island of Hawaii?  Could it be that the price of living in Paradise is just way too high even if that show on HGTV "Island Life" says it is not?  Could it be that my husband and I wanted our kids to have more diverse opportunities in life than they would have had there even though Hawaii has so much to offer?  The answer to all of the above is yes...but on these really frigid days and nights I am ready to throw out all those good reasons, hop on a plane and go lay on the beach and get warmed up again. ;)

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