Thursday, December 26, 2013

We will miss you Molly

Our family has been dealing with a lot lately, including our beloved Molly cat being ill.  Today she passed away while in my arms here at home.  She started life out in my hands right after being born and we bonded right away.  She also bonded with our son Josh very tightly.  He and I became "her people".   She became my constant companion and slept with me almost every night.  She knew all my secrets, comforted me when I was feeling afraid or sick and snuggled up on my shoulder to watch movies with my hubby and I.   She was one of a kind with her personality and could be a total snot or the most loving cat around, depending on her mood and what room she was in. ;)

I will miss you Molly...thank you for all the years that you shared with all of us.

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