Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gift Cards, Thrift Stores and Sales

 Life has been a bit crazy around here, especially after Jeff's car accident the other day.   We were really concerned about how much the repairs were going to cost on his car but Les Swab Tire Center in Pullman, WA came through again.  Last week they saved us $800 on tires for my car when they were able to sell us 4 gently used all terrain tires (that someone else traded in) for $200.  Today the repair bill estimate came in way under what we had thought it would be. :)  

Today we also discovered that Walmart has my prescription for $8.00 less than Safeway.  Safeway did however have some great mark downs today in their dairy and lunch meat areas where were were able to save 50% to 75% off on some needed items.  I regularly buy marked down meats and freeze them with no problems.  

I have been doing my Swagbucks points programs and they had a sale on their gift cards that you can buy with your points that you earn at their site.  I cashed in for $30 in Walmart gift cards.  I am also working on my Disney Movie Rewards and points.  I will be cashing in the DMR points for DVDs and for gift cards.

We have been thrift store shopping and below are a sampling of a few of the things that we have found within the past few weeks.

Side table for $9.99.

DVDs for $2.00 each.

VHS movies for our grandsons (we still have a VHS player also) that were half off the marked .47 each.

Supertramp cassette tape for .68 that I can play in my car.

Calvin Klein leather handbag that I scored at half off the marked price...I paid $2.70!  Calvin Klein handbags retail from $200 and up!


  1. I love that blue purse...very striking color...I love purses and the brighter the better in my book...your in my prayers and thoughts my friend (((Hugs)))

    1. Thanks Cindy! :) I appreciate the prayers and thoughts. Just one more hurdle to get over. ;)


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