Sunday, December 29, 2013

Belated... Bradley Comes to Spend the Night

Bradley came to spend the night right before Christmas but with all that was going on, I did not get a chance to post this. We had a wonderful time with him and he definitely kept us busy!   Grammie had to go and lay down in the bedroom with him to get him to go to sleep at night.  Bradley kept saying "Grammie, hear somethin", to which Grammie would say "That is just _______ Bradley, you are fine, go to sleep".  Grammie fell asleep, only to be awakened by Bradley saying "Grammie, Ellie hiding".  Now Ellie is his stuffed elephant that he sleeps with every night.  So Grammie got up, found Ellie sleeping right next to Bradley and told Bradley that Ellie was not hiding, she was right there next to him.  Bradley got this little cute smirky smile on his face and said "Ellie hiding from Grammie". :D   Oh goodness, this kid is not even 2 yet and is already thinking of things like this...he is going to keep us all on our toes! 

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